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The Way They Fly, Part II

Part I


"You said there was nothing wrong with him, right?" Mikey's voice sounded weirdly far away, and Gerard had to strain to hear him.

"Are you peeing right now?" Gerard screwed up his face. "Could you not while you're talking to me?"

"Can you hear me peeing right now?" Mikey asked, right before Gerard heard the toilet flushing.

"Oh, gross." Gerard felt like yanking the transmitter right out of his ear for a second.

When Mikey's voice came back, he sounded like he was grinning. "Hey, when nature and you call at the same time. Not my fault."

"Ugh, you're a dick."

"Whatever. So, you were saying that there's nothing wrong with Frank, right? So why are you freaking out?"

Now Gerard could hear him just fine, of course. He sighed and waved his hands around.

"Because I think that there is, I just can't figure out what. He's running hot a lot, like the cooling system's not working properly? And he wouldn't, uhm. Boot up this morning. It was freaky."


"But, the thing is, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong mechanically. Everything is running perfectly. Everything is calibrated, everything works." He felt his own voice rising again.

"All right. So, what else is wrong with him?" Gerard could hear the fizz of Mikey's soda in the background. He wished he'd gotten himself a coffee before locking himself up in the lab.

"His hands did this weird repetitive motion thing…"


Gerard shook his head, then remembered Mikey couldn't see him. "No, not – not yet. But why wouldn't he boot up this morning?"

"Stop freaking out."

Gerard laughed almost despite himself. "Is that an order, or what?"

"It's for your own good. Frank is fine. All…machines have something weird happen to them every once in a while. He'll be okay."

Gerard so badly wanted it to be true. As he and Frank settled in to watch Dragon Riders later that day, he thought he could almost believe it. When he got up to pee in the middle of the night and watched the moonlight slither slowly over Frank's features as he lay, powered down, on the couch, Mama snoozing at his feet, he thought he did.

It wasn't until he was sitting in Ray's waiting room on Monday morning, his fingers still numbed from the fall chill, that the possibilities started scrolling through his head once again.

The siliskin was being rejected by the mainframe. Was it melting and somehow affecting the connections?

Something about the movement programming, maybe.

Maybe. Maybe he hadn't checked the cooling system properly, after all.

Were the calibrations destined to fail?

"Fuck, Jesus, shut up," he mumbled just as Ray's head poked out of his office.

"Gerard? What is it?"


"You think there's something wrong with the mainframe?" Ray looked genuinely concerned, offering Gerard water and sliding a cigarette towards him.

Gerard took the cigarette, leaving the water for now, and shrugged. "I don't know. But I need time to figure it out, okay?" He lit up the smoke.

Ray paused and looked at him. "How much time?"

Gerard bounced his leg up and down, chewing on his lip. Who knew? "I – I'm not sure. Have you, uh… Have you contacted the board yet? Have you told them?"

Ray's mouth pinched in a thin line. "I had to, Gerard. They would have heard sooner or later, anyway. This way, there's no – this way, it's better. I sent them some of your preliminary data, too."

"Right." Gerard felt his insides writhing with some kind of unnamed panic, something he couldn't place. "Okay, well. Tell them that as Frank is a, a prototype, any early successes may not be indicative of, you know. Permanent success." His stomach flipped over. "Of anything."

Ray nodded. "I'll pass it along. Just – Gerard, you have to know. These men are not scientists. They may not –"

"Get it, I know, I know. Just. Hold them off, Ray, okay?" He felt like pleading, but instead he just held Ray's gaze until Ray nodded, sighing.

"I will, Gee. Go, and figure it out, all right?"

Gerard nodded and staggered out of the chair.


"Frank?" He unwound his scarf and dropped it on the hanger before stomping off his boots and walking into the living room. Frank had been greeting him every time he'd come home, but all he heard now was the gentle clicking of Mama's fingernails on the kitchen floor.

It was starting to get a bit dark, the dark of fall afternoons, the setting sun streaming through the windows, covering everything in a cold orange glow.


Gerard looked at the couch, over at his chair, nothing. He made his way to the kitchen.

Frank was sitting on the floor, legs crossed, petting Mama as she crunched food from her bowl. Gerard forced himself to un-tense and dropped down to his knees beside him. "Hey, Frank."

Frank looked up at him with a start, almost like he was surprised. "Oh! Hi, Gerard. I didn't hear you come in."

Gerard wondered how that was possible, but didn't ask. "What have you two been up to today?"

Frank smiled down as Mama wagged her tail. "We went to the park and Mama played with another dog. I think they liked each other. She still smells like the other dog's butt."

Gerard cracked up. "You can smell that? That's – kind of gross, dude."

Frank shrugged, fingers running over Mama's tail. "It isn't. It's just. There. You know? I find it interesting." He paused and met Gerard's gaze. His hair looked almost red in the light, his forehead and cheekbones glowing. "I like it."

Gerard bit his lip and nodded. "I'm – I'm glad." He reached out and took Frank's hand. "How are you – feeling?" He had no better way of asking, really, even as he knew the question was probably stupid.

Frank looked down at his and Gerard's hands and reached out to touch them both with his free hand, fingers playing over fingers, eyebrows drawn. Gerard's breath hitched despite himself. "This feels nice," Frank told him. "I'm okay. Do I not look okay? Do you think I'm okay?"

Gerard felt slow and lethargic, he didn't know whether his hand was clammy and warm on its own or if Frank was running extra hot, after all. He leaned in and, forgetting to ask for permission, laid his other hand over Frank's left panel. The buzzing was insistent, and, what was worse, irregular. Gerard closed his eyes and tried to will himself to understand through touch alone.

Insistent whirring thrummed under his hand. Frank's t-shirt felt like it had come out of the dryer, as if it could give off its own warm sparks. Frank was entirely still, not even a twitch, which made sense, Gerard supposed. It was so strange, touching a person who didn't breathe.

When Gerard finally lowered his hand and opened his eyes, he felt like they'd been closed for hours. "I want to do more tests. Will you let me?"


Frank wanted to be awake for this round, too.

This time, Gerard worked on his back. Carefully laying aside the second panel, he scanned the circuits. Nothing was out of place. It made no sense.

He went back and tested the siliskin connections. He re-calculated all of his programming. He smoked about a thousand cigarettes. Every now and then, Frank piped up.

"Is it the modules interacting with the wires badly?"

"When is Christmas, again?"

"Should we add more food for Mama? And can we buy her a puppy pillow? I saw one with stars on it, I think she'd like it."

Gerard answered without thinking, eyes burning a bit from all the smoke and the bright lab lights.

After a while, Frank commanded El Two to play his new playlist, and Gerard hummed along to the songs he knew.

He found nothing wrong. Frank shrugged and put his shirt back on.

"I'm going to take Mama out for her walk. Do you want to come?"


"So, I want tattoos," Frank announced after they'd settled in on a bench and let Mama run around the pond.

"You – what?"

"Tattoos. I've been seeing a lot of them, in movies and in pictures and I want them," Frank explained like it was normal.

Gerard watched Mama's tail wagging as she sniffed whatever it was she found under a nearby rock. "You want – okay? I."

"It doesn't have to be now, but soon, okay?" Frank interrupted. "Do you think you can do that?"

Gerard felt Frank's gaze on him but didn't turn. Let's just figure out what's wrong, first he wanted to say, but stopped himself. "I'll try."

"Cool." Gerard saw Frank turn to watch Mama's progress with the rock out of the corner of his eye.

Gerard smoked half a cigarette before finally asking. "What would you get?"

Frank didn't answer for a while. Gerard almost gave up, thinking that maybe Frank hadn't thought it through that far, and then Frank spoke. "I'll start with a heart. Like. An anatomical heart, a heart that looks like a heart. And I want stars. And birds – I really like birds, I like the way they fly. And – there's more, but that's to start with."

Gerard watched Frank and the way his hair whipped back and forth with the wind and had no idea what to say, or think, or do.


Mikey stared at Gerard across the table, their sushi untouched between them.

"Is it that you're worried you've failed?" Mikey asked and sucked his water loudly through a straw.

"No. Yes. I don't know." Gerard looked at Mikey pleadingly. Sometimes, it really felt like he was the younger brother. All the time he'd spent at school, all the months lost to the various labs and research project; all the times he never left the house while building Frank. All that time, Mikey had been living his life, working his job, loving his wife. "It – it doesn't feel like it's because I've failed," he confessed.

"So, it's…"

"I don't know," Gerard whispered and took a sip of his lemonade. Mikey just looked at him. Gerard shrugged and pretended not to notice the look as he reached for a tuna roll.

Mikey slurped his water.


On the way home, he got a text from Ray.

board wants to convene within the week. heads up. r.

When he walked through the door, Mama scurried up to him and clamped onto his boot. He didn't bother taking off his jacket before he ran.


"Frank, Frank, no, no, no, wake the fuck up. Frank. Wake up."

Frank jolted up so suddenly, Gerard fell back onto his ass. For a crazy moment, he wondered if his kitchen floor was fucking cursed. "I'm awake."

"Frank, what happened?" Gerard demanded, not even bothering to move them out to the lab, but stripping Frank of his shirt right then and there. "How long were you out?"

"Gerard?" Frank blinked and looked down at himself. "Oh. Am I broken again?"

Gerard thought he was going to cry, so he laughed instead. "No, you're still – you're fine. You're fine, I just…I need to know how long you were out for."

"I – I don't remember," Frank whispered and looked up at Gerard in what looked to be genuine panic. "Gerard, I don't remember. I'm never supposed to forget anything. I have an internal clock that works better than the national digital, I. I'm supposed to know how much time passes even when I'm off. I know that you take seven and a half minutes to shower. Mama pees for thirty seconds at a time. It takes three seconds to brew you a cup of coffee. Mikey always calls at-"

"Frank. Frank, stop, wait, stop." Gerard grabbed his shoulders and shook him. He was burning up. Gerard forced himself to keep holding on. "Frank, I need to know. Has anything else been happening to you while I've been away? Have you had other episodes? Has – has anybody been by?" It hadn't occurred to him until he asked, but suddenly, it felt like a real possibility. He thought wildly of all the bridges he'd burned at school.

"I've been reading," Frank told him. "And watching movies. And going out for walks with Mama."

Gerard's mind whirred on the edge of hysteria. This was absurd. He knew Frank inside and out. Literally, he knew how every single part connected to all the others. He knew this. He did. But right at the moment, he felt like he knew nothing at all.

"And that's it?"

Frank nodded, then slowly reached out until Gerard's hands were no longer on his shoulders but between Frank's fingers. "I don't think – I don't think it's mechanical, Gerard."

"You – you don't?" Gerard blinked and looked down at their hands, absurdly noticing the way Frank's legs looked folded up on the floor. He licked his lips. "Why, uhm. Why don't you think so?"

"Because I've been running self-diagnostics, too."

Gerard's eyes felt like they were going to pop out of his head. "You have?"

Frank nodded and lowered his head. "Your hands feel warm."

Gerard was flying without a net. He badly wanted a drink. "They do?" he croaked. What the hell did that have to do with anything?

Frank nodded. "And soft. And my diagnostics have revealed no mechanical flaws at all. So I've. I've run other diagnostics."

Gerard was completely at sea. "Like… Like what?"

"There are many diagnostics you can run, did you know that? Of all kinds." Frank looked up at him and got closer. "And just now, I - I think I've figured it out," he said, and kissed Gerard.

Gerard had seen him get closer, then end the distance between them, but the second in which everything happened wasn't enough to process it.

When Frank moved away, their hands still pressed together, Gerard couldn't move. He wanted to say Frank's name, or ask what he'd just done, but he couldn't. His throat was shut and dry, his mouth glued together. Frank's touch still lingered on his lips.

And then his hands went cold as Frank dropped them, just as suddenly as he'd kissed Gerard - kissed Gerard - and he was scrambling up, feet almost tripping over Mama who whimpered and scurried over to a corner.

Gerard only found his voice when the door whooshed closed behind Frank.


"Frank, wait. Frank. Frank!" Gerard's street was a wind tunnel on a good day, but tonight it was knocking him back off his feet. He saw Frank moving ahead of him, an unstoppable force whereas Gerard felt like a pull-toy being dragged by a really fucking annoying child. He staggered slower and slower behind Frank, but wouldn't stop, he had to get to him. He cursed when he saw Frank disappear around the corner.

By the time he turned the same corner, the wind had at least died down enough that he could open his eyes and not feel like his skin was being scalped off his face. Through some burst of strength, he managed to catch up with Frank's stride just as Frank was about to cross the street to the park.

"Frank, wait!" He yanked on Frank's arm, but it would have been a mere gesture had Frank not actually listened and stopped. "Frank…" Frank finally turned to face him, completely unreadable.

Gerard had no idea what to say. He needed to get out of the wind, and out of the goddamn street.

He needed Frank to listen, he needed him to stay.

"Are you cold?" Frank asked, like he hadn't sent Gerard out on a wild chase through the city a minute ago. "Do you want coffee?"

Gerard really thought for a moment that he might cry. Instead, he laughed and on an impulse, pulled Frank in until he was surrounding his thrumming, humming body, and Frank's arms slowly came around his waist. "Jesus, what the fuck," he whispered into Frank's neck. He barely breathed when he felt Frank shiver.

"I love you," Frank whispered back. "I'm sorry, Gerard. I couldn't stop myself."


"How?" That was the first question that popped into his head, and he burst out with it before he could change it to anything else. He'd led them back home, Frank's hand clutched in his own, and sat them both down on the floor in the middle of his living room where the sun was pooling its last hurrah before setting. Mama circled them both warily before settling down against Frank's thigh.

Gerard felt like he was swimming through molasses, slow and completely out of his depth.

"You're – Frank, you don't have an emotion chip. I never – I had never meant for you – I don't understand," he confessed. He ran his hand through his hair over and over again, like it would give him clarity, or at least some purchase. "This wasn't – this wasn't why –"

"I know," Frank said simply and ran his fingers over Mama's scruff. "I didn't understand it at first, either. I thought I was – broken. I didn't – I was slow, and my thoughts – my thoughts kept getting stuck."

Gerard nodded slowly, with no idea where this was going, and not entirely unconvinced it wasn't all an elaborate joke. "But, you're. You're not –"

Frank looked at him and tilted his head, like he had on that first day when Gerard had completed him. "I've been reading a lot," he said, which was such a non sequitur, Gerard wondered if he wasn't broken, either, because nothing was making sense. "Here, let me – let me show you."

Frank leaned and slowly, so, so slowly, touched Gerard's cheek with his thumb, sliding it down in an agonizing line until he was stroking it over Gerard's neck, down until it caught on Gerard's collar bone. Gerard barely breathed. As if from far away, he heard Mama scampering into the kitchen.

"Love isn't a feeling, everybody is wrong about that," Frank whispered. "Love is sensation combined with knowledge." His finger slid down until it found Gerard's pec and then his hand splayed over it, hot and heavy. Gerard could feel his heart beating wildly, all the blood flow leaving his extremities and gathering in the one place that Frank was touching. "You don't need an emotion chip to love, you just need sensation," Frank said. "And you gave me that."

Gerard swallowed and placed one shaking hand over Frank's. "So you – you can feel?"

Frank nodded. "I can."

Gerard shut his eyes. "That's." Impossible, he wanted to say, but. "I didn't. I didn't know."

When he opened his eyes again, Frank was watching him. He was so beautiful. He was so beautiful, and for the first time in weeks, Gerard allowed himself to really feel it; to experience it. If he wanted to, Gerard could retrace every step he had taken to make Frank what he was now, but no programming or careful sculpting of his musculature or facial structure could have ever predicted this. This - being, in front of him.

Frank felt. Frank loved him.

Frank watched him now, silent, expectant.

Gerard reached out and grabbed Frank's t-shirt, tugging. Their second kiss was less of a surprise. Frank met him halfway, hand curling around Gerard's neck, pulling him in. His body hummed against Gerard's, his lips a shocking wave of warmth against Gerard's. When Gerard opened his mouth, Frank's followed, and after that, Gerard stopped thinking. Frank was hot and pliable, a force Gerard couldn't imagine wanting to stop. He kissed like he had done it before, and Gerard was pathetically grateful for it.

The taste. Gerard hadn't kissed anyone in over a year, but even he could tell the difference. Frank tasted like siliskin, just a little bit like plastic, a little bit synthetic, and underneath it all, coppery, tangy, thrumming. Gerard moaned and deepened the kiss, felt Frank respond, get even closer.

This was. It felt so fucking good, Gerard couldn't have stopped if he had wanted to. And he really, really, really didn't want to now, despite knowing better. Frank was pulling him down, hands clutching Gerard's hair, hot tongue and mouth working, letting Gerard in, taking fucking everything. Gerard felt Frank's mouth get even hotter, his skin growing warmer by the second under his touch.

"Wait, wait –" he gasped as he came up for air. Frank's eyes were half-closed and he wasn't drawing breath so much as – "You're – you're overheating again, you're – " He put his hand on Frank's chest. "You're – you aren't breaking down?"

Frank slowly smiled and shook his head. "I was. Before. This isn't the same. See?"

And Gerard felt it, the difference. This thrumming wasn't irregular, and the heat wasn't scorching. "Jesus, you're…fuck," he breathed and Frank giggled and pulled him down again until Gerard's dick was grinding against his hip, and - fuck. "Frank."

"I can get it up," Frank mumbled in his ear, and the hysteria that had been building up in the pit of Gerard's belly gave a kick and sluiced through his whole body until it erupted between his lips, laughter and maybe even some tears because laughter alone couldn't contain all the weirdness of it all.

"Oh my God," Gerard wheezed above him, and wiped at his eyes. "Jesus Christ."

"What? Is that – is that bad?" Frank's eyes were huge and questioning and Gerard forced himself to settle and calm the fuck down, because.

"No. Oh God, no," he said, voice still wobbly. He ran his fingers lightly over Frank's face, his skin tingling. "It's – remarkable, maybe. And. Super weird, to be honest," he added in a whisper. He'd only now noticed that darkness already descended onto the room. The street lights never reached his penthouse.

Frank's face relaxed into a slow, dim grin. "You made me that way."

"I did," Gerard agreed."But I. I just – I was going by anatomy, not out of some weird -"

"You didn't make yourself a boy-toy?" Frank asked and giggled.

"Fuck, you heard that?" Gerard groaned and buried his face in Frank's shoulder. "Fucking Mikey."

"I like him," Frank said.


"I'm still hard. Are you still hard?" Frank asked in the exact same tone that he'd been talking about Gerard's brother just a second ago and Gerard lifted himself up and forced his body to roll off of Frank's for a minute. His back hit the cold floor with a thump.

"Okay, okay," he told the ceiling. "I have no idea what I'm doing right now, okay? So, like. We need to. I just."

He heard Frank rolling over onto his side and then his shadowy face loomed into view, hair sticking up. Gerard could just barely make out his wide open eyes. "I just want you to touch me," Frank whispered, hand a shocking warmth on Gerard's chest. "And I want to touch you. So much."

Gerard closed his eyes and took a deep breath, along with an inventory of his body and mind. He'd fallen for Frank long before Frank had spoken a single word, and now that realization flooded him whole. Jesus, he was – he was Pygmalion, falling for his own making, and of all the things he'd ever thought himself to be, this wasn't – wasn't it.

Frank watched him, carefully, and waited. He always waited, like he knew Gerard just needed time to get there.

"This doesn't seem right," Gerard confessed, squeezing Frank's hand. "I – I'm your maker. Why do you want this?"

Still on his back, he felt Frank's body crowding closer, knees touching his thighs, belly pushing up against his hip. Gerard's side felt warmer just from the touch. "Because I love you. Because everything about this is telling me I want it."

A horrible thought crossed Gerard's mind and he turned to look Frank in the eye. "Did I – program you that way? I've given you all of my knowledge, some of my memories… Is that why? Frank, is it?"

Frank shook his head. "By that logic, you should have fallen in love with yourself," he said, in all seriousness, and Gerard just gasped out a laugh, unable to produce more.

"You're not programmed to fall in love with your maker?" he asked again, this time lifting one hand and running it through Frank's hair. He was so proud of that when he'd put it all together. Silky smooth, and gorgeous. He tugged once and Frank shut his eyes and moaned. "Jesus." Gerard's throat went dry, his skin zinging. "That… That does it for you?" How, how, how?

"That feels so good," Frank replied quietly and lowered his face until their noses nearly touched. "I fell in love with you because you're you, and I am me. All you did was instill knowledge in me, but the core has always been something else. You don't control the way my mind works, Gerard. I do that for myself."

Gerard only had to reach a short distance to kiss Frank again. His head thumped against the floor when Frank answered the kiss, deepening it, taking everything Gerard had to offer. His teeth grazed Gerard's lip and Gerard couldn't stop the gasp from escaping.

"Fuck," he breathed. "Where the fuck did you learn to do that?" he asked grabbing hold of Frank's waist and hauling him up until Frank was covering Gerard with his body, a solid weight that crushed Gerard's lungs in a way he didn't want to stop.

Frank ducked his head and licked up the side of his neck, forcing a shiver down Gerard's side. His tongue felt like velvet. "I told you, I've been watching movies," Frank whispered and bit down on the same spot he'd licked a second ago.

Gerard saw stars and tried to laugh, but he couldn't get enough air. "Porn?" He grunted and shifted until Frank was no longer crushing his lungs quite so much, because. "You've been watching porn?"

"It was educational. You told me to educate myself," Frank explained, his expression completely earnest in the dark.

"Fuck, I love you," Gerard breathed and rolled them over until he was the one crushing Frank, because fuck it, Frank could take it. Frank, who felt so human, so real, despite being a collection of wires and circuits. Gerard ground his hard-on into Frank's hip and felt Frank's dick pressing at him right back.

Jesus. Frank's dick.

"Bed," Gerard whispered hoarsely while Frank laughed underneath him and pawed at his ass. "I'm fucking taking you to bed."


They barely got the door shut against Mama when Frank had Gerard's jeans unbuttoned and his shirt on the ground. "Damn."

"Android speed," Frank grinned and got to work on his own clothes. Those were off in ten seconds, and there he stood, naked but for the slatted moonlight coming through Gerard's blinds. The shadows hid his nipples, but revealed his belly button, the one Mikey had mocked Gerard for. His dick stood out in shadows, but it was there, just like – just like Gerard had made it.

That was too weird a thought for Gerard to contemplate, so he ran his gaze up over Frank's torso, past his Adam's apple, and his tiny grin, until he was looking him in the eye. "C'mere," he whispered, and let Frank walk him backwards until Gerard's ass hit the covers on the bed.

"What can I do?" Frank asked, seemingly unaware of the way Gerard's hands were roving all over his back and ass and legs. Gerard just couldn't stop touching him, Frank's skin so smooth and warm under his palms. His fingers itched to scratch and to mark and his mind called back to Frank asking him about tattoos. He – he really wanted to give them to Frank, put them on himself, make Frank his even more than he already was.

"What – what do you want to do?" Gerard managed to breathe out and then almost yelped when Frank's hand landed on his dick through his briefs. "Oh – oh, I see… Ngh."

"Hang on," Frank whispered and suddenly, Gerard was being lifted and tugged until his whole body was on the bed, and Frank was sliding his jeans off of him, and then Gerard's briefs joined them in the black hole of his floor.

Gerard blinked. "Android speed, huh?"

"And strength." In the light, Frank's grin was almost wolfish. Jesus Christ. "I wanna touch you. And I want you to touch me. I want you to suck me off. Do you want the complete list or is that a good start?"

When did he get so mouthy, Gerard wondered in the space of two seconds before Frank's hand was back on his dick, in earnest this time, starting to jerk him off. "Oh fuck, oh God, oh Jesus," he mumbled and looped an arm around Frank's neck, bringing him closer in. "Fuck, Frank – that feels –"

"How?" Frank never stopped moving his hand, and it was so strange that the same man who had just lifted Gerard off the bed like it was nothing was the same one who was being so gentle with him now. Gerard writhed beneath him, one hand clutching the bed covers. He could feel sweat pooling at his spine, itching his skin. "How does that feel, Gerard?" Frank asked, watching his face with wide eyes. "Tell me, please please tell me, how does it feel?"

Gerard gulped and threw back his head. "Like I'm gonna die," he managed. "In a really, really, really fucking good way." Jesus, he hadn't felt anything but his own hand on his dick in far, far too long.

"Gerard, I want to feel that," Frank whispered. "Please make me feel that."

Gerard didn't need asking twice. Using Frank's own body as leverage, he flipped them over and then his hand and mouth were on Frank's dick and fuck, that was weird. Frank jerked beneath him and Gerard's scalp stung where Frank's hand gripped his hair. Gerard moaned and shut his eyes.

He hadn't sucked dick in longer than he cared to think, and he fucking loved sucking dick. Sucking Frank's dick was. Something else. Frank didn't need air, so he didn't gasp, didn't writhe the way Gerard had, but his hand twitched around Gerard's hair, and tiny staccato ‘ahs' escaped his throat. When Gerard took him in deeper, Frank began to swear.

"You're – you're actually doing it, you're sucking my dick, oh, fuck. Gerard. That feels – that feels –"

Gerard managed a tiny little moan of encouragement around his own spit and smarting lips. He wanted to know so badly what it felt like for Frank. His dick tasted almost the same as his mouth and tongue had, like Gerard was sucking off a dildo. But fuck, it was so much better than sucking off a dildo. Frank's dick was warm, and when Gerard sucked hard, he felt it twitching in response, Jesus, that was -

"Oh God, that's – I can't – Gerard, this feels so good, I don't know – what do I do, G- Gerard, don't stop, don't stop - I wish –"

Gerard kept at it, his own mind whirring, until it snagged. He'd made the skin on Frank's dick thinner, it was true, and added sensation. He wanted everything to be anatomical. But Frank couldn't come. There was no fucking mechanism for it. Fuck.

Gerard pulled off but didn't stop jerking Frank off. Hauling himself up awkwardly until they were face to face, he whispered, "I'm sorry I can't make you come, Frankie." He kissed Frank on the lips, their mouths buzzing with Frank's energy, working overtime.

"It's – it's okay, this – this feels amazing," Frank moaned and buried his face in Gerard's neck. "What's coming like?"

Gerard licked his lips and almost laughed. "Mmm, God. Indescribable." Maybe. Maybe he could do that for Frank. Somehow, someday, maybe he could.

"I wanna see," Frank whispered. "Tell me how to make you come."

Gerard shifted until their gazes met. "Do you –" He couldn't believe he was offering, but he also couldn't pretend he didn't want it so much, it gnawed at him. "Do you wanna fuck me?" he asked, ducking his head at the last minute to lick up Frank's neck.

Frank sat up immediately, their knees knocking together. "Like – like, fuck you, fuck you? You want me to -"

Gerard grabbed Frank's ass and pulled him in. "I want you to put your dick in my ass," he whispered and kissed Frank's neck, then his collar bone. He was keyed up, hanging by a thread now. His whole body was made of anticipation. "Yes. I want you to fuck me, fuck me."

When he looked back at Frank's face, he nearly laughed. "You're so amazing," Frank breathed and rolled Gerard onto his back. "We need –"

"In the bedside table," Gerard waved. He watched a police siren-colored shadow move over the ceiling and disappear. Jesus, like with everything else, it had been a while. Gerard tried to relax but knowing he was about to get fucked, and fucked by someone whose dick never had to go down if he didn't want it to, was not really conducive to relaxation.

Frank's fingers on his belly, though, made him tense up in a whole other way. "You have to tell me what to do," Frank told him, eyebrows creased. "I don't want to mess it up."

Gerard licked his lips again and attempted to smile. "You won't, I'll tell you."

There was nothing sexy about lube, really, but lube on Frank apparently really worked for Gerard. He couldn't stop staring at the way Frank's hands worked over his dick, the way his hair hung over his forehead as he watched his own movements.

"How – how does that feel?" Gerard croaked. He couldn't believe how much Frank fondling his own dick was turning him on.

"Feels – feels good, like. Almost like when you were doing it to me," Frank answered, then kneed his way up. "Now what?"

"My turn," Gerard whispered and squirted more lube onto Frank's fingers. "Slow, okay?"

If Frank could sweat, Gerard was pretty sure he would have dripped all over Gerard's belly with how slow and methodical he was going.

"G-Gerard, are you sure it'll, you know… Fit?" Frank asked him after a minute of slowly sliding his finger into Gerard. Gerard couldn't help choking out a laugh, and gave a stuttering nod, trying to relax against the pressure. Fuck, he'd missed this.

"It will," he said. "Just – keep doing that. You can add another finger." If it had been anyone else, he probably would have felt idiotic, but Frank was – he wasn't anyone else. Gerard tried to breathe, to zone out. He couldn't get enough of Frank working him open, going so slow and careful. It wasn't until it started feeling like desperately not enough that he finally said, "Okay. Okay, you can –"

Frank's fingers slipped out immediately. "Uhm, okay. Okay."

Gerard rolled onto his side, then his belly. "This might be easier," he said and dropped his head down. "Just –"

He felt Frank's hands wrapping around his hips. "You're… Okay."

Gerard was about to say something else to make sure Frank knew yes, please, fuck me, but then Frank was pushing in and Gerard cried out, his whole body going limp. Fuck. Fuck, yes.


"Nrggh – go, please, start – just –" You've seen it, he wanted to say, but Frank really had, and so he went. He fucked Gerard slow and steady, his hands gripping Gerard's hips so hard, they would probably bruise. Gerard moaned, feeling like he would split apart, it felt so fucking good.

He wished he could see Frank, see his face, but he couldn't keep his eyes open, anyway. He bit down on his own knuckles and tried to breathe. He was dizzy, swimming in pure sensation, the hot feeling of Frank fucking him through the fucking bed washing over his every pore. His dick weighed him down, throbbing, insistent, and he wanted to hold off, just a little bit, just to feel this for a little longer, but his hand disobeyed him. He was already jerking himself off, fast and hard, while Frank swore and cursed above him, telling him how beautiful his back was, how tight his ass was, how much he loved it when Gerard moaned.

When Frank said, "I've wanted to fuck you, Gerard, so, so much," Gerard cried out and came, spasming under Frank, blowing his load right onto the covers and his hand and his belly.

"Oh my God – you came, right? That was you – should I – should I stop –"

"No, fuck no," Gerard managed, and steadied himself with both hands. "Please, please keep fucking me," he begged. Fuck me unconscious, he thought crazily.

Frank went faster, maybe he didn't even realize it, and Gerard gave up on trying to control anything at all. His voice echoed all across the room, a steady stream of curses and shouts. His body was tipping over from sated to sensitized, to over-sensitized, until he was a collection of pure sensation. He thought his skin would melt right off his bones, and saw white. He thought he heard himself sobbing.

After a moment where he barely breathed at all, Frank ran his hands slowly over Gerard's back, stilled, and just as slowly, so agonizingly slowly, pulled out and lowered Gerard onto his side.

"Jesus fucking Christ," Gerard managed and didn't even care that his hand had landed in his own jizz. "I'm sorry, I've just gotta –" He passed out the next second.


He woke up under the covers. It was still dark out, and for a second, he could barely remember what day it was. Then he shifted and felt his entire body wake up to pain. The good kind, the kind he'd really missed feeling. He hummed and turned his head.

Frank was lying next to him, asleep. Powered down. Whatever. Gerard shifted, aware of every single muscle that felt like he hadn't used it for months until that night, and carefully put one hand on Frank's chest.

He was in sleep mode, not fully shut down. Gerard could feel the slightest humming just under the surface, but Frank's skin was cool.

Frank's skin. When had he forgotten to think of it as siliskin? Gerard propped himself on one arm and slowly slipped the blanket down Frank's body, revealing it bit by bit.

Smooth, generous skin – perfect. No hair, no sweat, no marks. Gerard wished he'd been able to leave marks on Frank when they fucked. He slid his hand down until his palm covered the space below Frank's belly button. Without thinking, he followed the movement until he was kissing the same spot his hand had just touched.

His mind was slow, languid. He wanted not to think. He slowly kissed his way up Frank's belly and chest, wondering idly when Frank's internal alarm would wake him up.

It happened just as Gerard's lips had reached Frank's. Smoothly, Frank gripped Gerard's hair and kissed him back, mouth opening up to his instantly, tongues touching, everything in Gerard waking up all over again. Frank flipped them over and held himself up over Gerard.

"You're hard," he whispered.

"So are you," Gerard noted, and Frank ground down against him. Gerard hummed, and ground up in response. Frank watched his face as he did it again, and then again.

"Is this – can I?" he breathed.

Gerard threw back his head, gripped his pillow overhead, and spread his legs.


"Your face is different when you come," Frank whispered afterwards, his head heavy on Gerard's chest, Gerard's fingers tunneling through his hair.

"It's stupid," Gerard said. "Everyone's face is stupid when they come."

"No, it's not. I liked it."

Gerard laughed. "Thanks, I guess."

Frank scraped a fingernail down Gerard's chest, a jagged Z that turned into an S and then curved into a J. "I love this. I love being like this."

Gerard shut his eyes and breathed deeply in. "I love it, too."

Frank leaned in and kissed him in the dark.


"Uh. Hang on." Mikey leaned backwards and called out, "Hey, Alicia? Gerard and I are gonna, um, take a walk. I'll be back, uh. Maybe soon."

"All right!"

"You first," Mikey said, indicating the door. Gerard hung his head and pressed the ‘exit' button.

They didn't talk the entire elevator ride, and it wasn't until Mikey had bought them each a hot coffee and forced Gerard onto a bench that he finally said, "What did you do."

"I – don't know," Gerard prevaricated, fiddling with his cup.

"Yes you do."

"Okay," Gerard agreed miserably. "I know what I did. I just don't know what I'm doing."

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Mikey sit down next to him, sidling up close against the wind. They bumped shoulders and something in Gerard's gut loosened a bit. This was Mikey. "I… I think I'm in love with Frank," he managed.

Mikey was quiet for a moment, sipping his coffee. "Did you –"

Gerard nodded, silent and intent only on his coffee. Mikey shifted a little beside him, then took another sip.

"So," Mikey finally said. "How did it happen?"

Gerard bit his lip before saying, "Do you want to know the logistics or how we got from point A to point B?"

Mikey swatted at him with his free hand. "Fuck you, I so don't need the logistics. I wanna know how you wound up fucking your android in the first place."

It was the first time either one of them actually acknowledged it out loud, and Gerard groaned and buried his face in his knees. He felt the warm trickle of coffee sloshing down his leg and dropped the cup altogether. He felt like he was a teenager again, confessing his first time in the dark. "I didn't start it," he mumbled to his knees.

"What, he was…curious?" Mikey's finger poked Gerard's ribs. "Gee, get the fuck out of there, come on, man. Talk to me."

Gerard groaned again, just for the hell of it, then sat back up and gave a dry chuckle. "Fuck, this is fucked up."

"I know." When Gerard looked over at Mikey, he didn't look mocking. He looked – worried. Gerard gave a rueful smile and shrugged. "Apparently, I managed to make a droid who can feel without an emotion chip."

Mikey's eyebrows shot up. "What?"

Gerard sighed and turned away. "You know how I thought he was, you know –" Gerard waved his hands to illustrate.

"Breaking down?"

Gerard nodded. "Well, apparently, it wasn't – mechanical." He really wished he hadn't dropped that coffee, because he desperately needed something else to focus on. He went for his smokes, lighting a cigarette with stiff fingers.

Mikey was quiet when he finally said a tight voice, "Are you telling me Frank was dying of a broken heart?" He paused. "Over you?"

Gerard nodded and scratched his head. "I – yeah, I guess."

"Gee." Gerard turned his head and saw that Mikey's lips were twitching. The asshole was laughing at him. "Gee, please tell me you are fucking with me," he wheezed, suddenly doubling over and shaking so hard, his glasses slipped down his nose.

"Fuck you," Gerard protested, slapping him on the shoulder. "You're such an asshole, I'm spilling my guts to you, and you're fucking – stop laughing, Mikes, seriously, I'm not kidding, he's in love with me, too, okay?"

Gerard saw a passing girl shoot a quick grin in his direction before disappearing around the corner. He shook his head and slapped Mikey again, trying to lower his voice. "C'mon, Mikey, please."

"Okay, okay," Mikey breathed, finally coming up for air. "Hang on, give me a minute." He chuckled again and wiped his eyes before turning his attention back on Gerard. "All right, I'm sorry. It's just. Gee, that is fucked up. You know that, right?"

"No shit," Gerard answered, trying not get too pissed, because, well. It was.

"So, what happened?" Mikey asked. "Tell me everything."

Gerard gave him the side-eye. "Thought you didn't wanna hear everything."

Mikey shook his head. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I kind of really do, because this is-"

"Fucked up," Gerard finished for him.

"Sorry, Gee," Mikey shrugged, then reached out a hand and gently shook Gerard's knee. "Just. Start from the beginning."


They wandered through Mikey's neighborhood until it started to get dark and Gerard suddenly realized that he'd left Frank all alone for half the day. Frank hadn't called, so – so maybe it was fine, but as soon as Gerard had the thought, the only thing he wanted to do was run all the way back home and pin Frank to the wall, pull him to his bed, cover them both with blankets.

Mikey just gave him a wry look and shrugged. "Do what you gotta do. But we're not done talking here."

Gerard winced and looked away, stamping his feet against the cold. "Don't tell Alicia, okay?"

"She's gonna find out one way or another," Mikey told him.

Gerard nodded. "I know, but I just… Just, let me tell her."

"All right."

They hugged, Mikey warm and bony against him.

"Love you," Gerard threw over this shoulder before legging it for the subway.


He barely had time to walk through the door before he was grabbed by the collar and pinned up against the coat rack.

"Why were you gone so long, I thought you'd left me," Frank whispered before sealing his mouth over Gerard's. Gerard moaned and melted into it, hands encircling Frank's waist and pulling him in. Frank was so unyielding at times, his body having little give, but Gerard couldn't imagine him otherwise. He craved Frank's solidity, his own mind scattering into fragments as they kissed.

"I just needed to – talk to – ngh, Mikey," he managed to ground between kisses, Frank's hands roaming all over his body, concentrating largely below his belt. "I'm – I meant to call –"

"It's okay, you're back," Frank replied and sank to his knees.

"Frank –"

"I wanna try it, shhh," Frank said, looking up at him with huge eyes. The only light streaming in was a muted lamp in the living room, the beam landing on Frank's stomach and shoes. Gerard bit his lip and grabbed Frank's hair. Jesus Christ.

Frank clearly had a plan. His quick fingers had Gerard's pants opened and down the next moment, quickly doing the same to his briefs. Gerard was already hard, of course, and might have been embarrassed about it, except for how Frank went for his dick immediately.


"Tell me if I do it wrong," Frank whispered and slipped his mouth back around the head of Gerard's dick.

"Oh my God, this isn't – this is -" Gerard breathed and shut his eyes. "Fuck, don't stop."Frank didn't get lockjaw, and he had no gag reflex. What he did have was a gorgeous mouth and a velvety tongue, and Gerard held off as long as he did only so he could keep being on the very edge, with Frank on his knees in front of him, eyelashes fluttering against his cheeks, mouth slick, and hands never tiring.

Gerard pulled him off right before he came, and Frank grinned at him just as Gerard's come slid down his face and mouth and neck.


Frank didn't need to eat, but Gerard was starving. He rummaged around his units, feeling Frank watching him the entire time. He was feeling the post-coital looseness in his body, like if he stopped thinking about what he was going, his legs would go right out from under him.

"I have soup in the fridge," Frank said off-handedly.

Gerard turned around. "You do?"

Frank nodded and smiled, looking very pleased with himself. "The kind you like, broccoli and cheddar."

As if on cue, Gerard's stomach growled. Frank grinned harder and slid his chair over and slid open the fridge door. "It's right in there. I can heat it up for you if you want."

Gerard slowly pushed off the counter and walked across the kitchen until he was crowding Frank up in his chair. "If I could get it up for you right now, I would," he said.

Frank grabbed his hips and laughed, burying his face in Gerard's belly.


Gerard didn't think about anything outside of this tiny world of him, Frank, and Mama for the next two days. Whenever he was alone for even the smallest amount of time, he would force himself not to think. For those two days, nothing existed but Frank, his body riding Gerard's like a wave, his quiet laughter echoing in Gerard's ear, his lips, his tongue, his hands.

There were movies and cold morning walks with Mama; there were dinners where Frank asked Gerard what apples tasted like, why he loved bread so much.

There were whispered conversations in the dark, the kind that Gerard hadn't had since he was twenty and desperately in love for the first time.

There was quiet; there was peace.

And there was always the feeling that, any time now, in the quietest moment, somebody would throw a pebble at their window and shatter whatever illusions Gerard had managed to rig up for himself.

But the feeling was thin, fleeting, and mostly, easily ignored.

Frank took up too much time. Gerard was not about to waste any of it.


It happened on a Thursday, just after Frank had come back in with Mama and found Gerard reading, spread out on the floor. Frank had just settled himself on top of Gerard, his nose digging into Gerard's neck, hands idly playing with Gerard's ass.

"Call from: Ray Toro."

Gerard groaned and settled deeper into the floor. "Fuck. El Three, take a message?"

"I'm sorry, Gerard, he says it's urgent."

"Ugh, all right." He breathed in deeply and gently shoved Frank off of him, making an apologetic face. "Pick up, El Three."

Ray's voice sounded over the speaker. "Gerard, we have to meet. When is the soonest you can get here?"

"What? Why?" Gerard sat up, gently pushing Frank off of him, keyed up in an instant.

"There's been a meeting. It's about – your project."

Gerard knew he'd gone white before his skin broke out in a cold shiver of sweat. No. "Ray –"

"We have to talk, Gerard."

Gerard was on his feet the next moment. "I can't – I'm." He paused. Breathe. Think. "When?"

Ray's breath ghosted over the speaker. Frank was motionless on the floor, watching Gerard with a furrowed brow. "As soon as you can. I'll see you shortly."

"Call ended," El Three announced.

Yeah. Gerard closed his eyes. Damn.

"Was that about the board?"

Frank's voice startled Gerard out of his stupor. Heart beating, he walked the extra step to the couch and dropped down, burying his face in his hands. "Mm-hmm."

"Gerard?" Frank's weight settled against him, solid, unmovable. But his touch was always soft. "What are you afraid of?"

Gerard laughed and raised his gaze to Frank's, letting his hands droop between his legs. "I worked on you for years," he said.

"A year," Frank countered.

"No." Gerard shook his head. "I built you in a year. But I worked on you for years." He turned until their faces were almost touching, Frank's eyes so close they swam in Gerard's vision. Gerard ran a shaky hand through Frank's hair. "You're. There's nothing, no one, like you. I can't – I won't –"

Let them take you, he thought. They can't have you.

"You don't – you don't know that they want to," Frank said.

Gerard rubbed his eyes with the heel of his palm. "I know. I know, I'm just. I – I don't know." He managed a smile, but it was stupid. He knew. He knew because Ray had never called anything ‘urgent' before in the entire time he'd known him.

Because sometimes, Ray knew Gerard better than he knew himself.


Gerard sat across from Ray. For some reason, the lights were off, the only light coming through the window fading quickly. Ray was watching Gerard back like he was waiting for Gerard to ask first.

"They want Frank," Gerard said, his voice catching despite his best efforts.

Ray nodded. "They want to test him themselves. They asked for your research notes as well, anything you've got. They want to start making replicas as soon as possible. They want you to oversee the project on a larger scale."

Gerard's stomach tightened, he looked away. "No."

"Gerard –"

"No. They – Ray." He turned back to Ray and took a deep breath. "Frank has failed."

Ray didn't flinch, only his mouth tightened. "Failed?" he asked in a neutral voice, like Gerard was giving him a mundane weather report.

Gerard nodded, not breaking eye contact. "The Android 2300-D prototype was - a failure. I'm sorry to tell you that, after – everything you've done for the project."

Ray nodded and leaned heavily on his desk. "In what way did it fail, Gerard?"

"He – it – turned out to be flawed."

"Flawed," Ray repeated.


Ray was quiet for a long time; so long, Gerard had time to scratch his scalp raw. Everything itched. He only breathed because he couldn't afford not to.

"I'm – sorry to hear that," Ray finally said quietly. "Can you tell me in what way?"

Gerard looked at him. He had to trust someone. Of all the people involved, Ray was the only one he could trust.

And in a day, none of it would matter, anyway.

He weighed each word. "Artificial intelligence is…more complex than I had anticipated."

"I see."

Suddenly, Ray rolled open a drawer and took out a tablet, typing something in before sliding it towards Gerard.

"Can you please tell me what you believe went wrong with the project?"

did you become attached, Gerard read.

Gerard licked his lips and looked away. He knew Ray would have seen his nod because he was looking for it. Gerard had barely felt it.

"I believe that the mainframe wasn't strong enough to support the kind of output required for such a sophisticated model."

"I see," Ray said and typed in another sentence.

it's still a robot. They may not harm it

Gerard grabbed the tablet from him.

"Yeah, so. I might have been - over-reaching in my goals. I am sorry to have wasted so much time and money," he said as he typed.

he's got emotions. He. Can feel. Emotion. He has life.

"I understand. Of course, you will have to present a full report for the board. I cannot do it for you."

he's still artificial. Why must it matter. He's not flesh and blood

"Dammit, Ray!" Gerard was out of his chair the next moment. He wanted to punch a wall, but resisted, knowing that it would only hurt him, in the end. He shook his head furiously and dropped back down into the chair, typing hard enough to make Ray wince, saying words that he barely followed.

"You know I'm no good at presentations, can't I just give you my notes, and someone else can do it? I hate looking like an idiot."

he has emotions. It doesn't matter that he wasn't born from us, he can feel, he can feel pain. I won't let them take him away and experiment on him

"They will want your research," Ray whispered, his eyes huge. "Gerard, think about what you're saying."

"I –"

I am. They can't replicate these droids. Ray you have to see that. It would be inhuman to build them only so they can die

"They wouldn't-"

Gerard just looked at him.

you and I both know who's on the other end of his project

Ray breathed in and out. "Okay."

He took the tablet and methodically erased their entire conversation before sliding out its memory chip and breaking it into two clean pieces. Gerard breathed out and sagged back into the chair. He closed his eyes.

"I'm sorry to hear that, Mr. Way," Ray said loudly. "I'm going to need a full report on this entire experiment by next Monday, then. I will let the board know and send your regrets. Please include all of your research and data, we will want to review it in full."

Gerard smiled despite himself and lay a hand on the smooth surface of Ray's desk. "Thank you," he whispered.

Ray smiled tightly and nodded. "Good luck, Gerard."


"Alicia can get you untraceable tickets," Mikey said, throwing Gerard's favorite t-shirt into Gerard's bag. "You won't even have to get ID'd."

"Mikey. Mikey, I'm sorry –"

"She'll be here in an hour." Mikey side-stepped Mama, and rescued Gerard's old reader from under the table. "Frank will be easy to pass off as her friend Richard, I think."

"Mikey –"

"Gee, I know." Mikey finally stopped twitching and allowed Gerard to look him in the eye. "I know. They're gonna be after you."

Gerard thought for a moment that he would burst into tears. "I'll – I'll be in touch. I just. I can't stay here. Not after what I'm about to do."

"For the greater good?" Mikey smirked, then shook his head. "I know, Gee. You gotta do what you gotta do."

Gerard watched his brother's face, his pinched eyes behind the glasses he insisted on wearing, his slightly sunken cheeks, the familiar tilt of his mouth. "I'm gonna miss you so fucking much," he breathed and grabbed Mikey around the neck. Mikey's arms came around him a second later, hands clutching his shirt.

"Don't get caught," he whispered and pulled away.

Gerard barely noticed Frank's face peering from around the doorway. "Frank –"

Frank came in with a shuffle, like he was making himself walk. "Hey," he nodded at Mikey. "If you need – help. With, like. Packing." He paused and bit his lip. "I'm sorry."

Gerard watched as Mikey cracked a tiny smile. "Don't be."

Gerard scratched his head and turned around, rummaging for more socks and other useless shit he apparently couldn't live without.

Frank helped him pack.


"I can't believe you're fucking your robot," Alicia said as she handed over the untraceables. "That's fucked up."

Gerard rolled his eyes. "I know, thanks. Now I'm also fucking myself, apparently."

"You got that right." She grinned and grabbed him in a tight hug. "At least he's a hottie," she noted, apparently watching Frank packing over Gerard's shoulder. Gerard snorted and squeezed her harder.

"He really is," he agreed.


He made everybody leave before he did it. Mikey and Alicia were taking Mama with them until Gerard could provide them with a safe spot to send her. Frank had drooped at the suggestion, and Gerard almost relented, but their trip was going to be shitty enough without having to worry about taking care of her. He hated the very thought of leaving her. He kind of hated himself.

He took inventory of the place. There was his chair, and his view. His couch, his rug. The door to the bedroom stood ajar and he could just make out his dresser, and the corner of the bed.

The kitchen was spotless, so Frank had clearly been at it.

His lab was quiet. The pile of twisted, broken shards that remained of the years' worth of research and notes lay on the floor. He dropped down and picked up a tiny little thumb drive. Pressing down, he twisted and warped the metal seal until the plastic cracked between it.

That was the advantage of being a motherfucking genius. Not everybody knew how to set fire to a place and be able to control it.

Gerard did. No one would even be able to tell that 134B went up in flames until they came for him, and by then, he and Frank will have been thousands of miles away.

Gerard kicked over the coat stand, just to make it harder for them to enter, and pressed ‘exit'. The explosion saw him out.


"Is it always so warm here?" Frank asked, kicking the covers off completely.

"I'm pretty sure, yeah," Gerard smiled and turned over. "Come here," he whispered, slipping his arm beneath Frank to bring him closer.

"Ugh, it's hot, though," Frank complained, but went willingly enough. He threw his leg over Gerard's, tangling them together into a naked mass of limbs.

They lay quietly, listening to the strange noises of the night. Cicadas and crickets, Gerard thought. He hadn't heard those in years, not since he was a kid. It was strangely soothing, as if anything that separated them from their past protected them from it, as well. If he strained hard enough, he could hear the ocean.

Frank was drawing patterns on Gerard with his finger, nail catching on his nipple, making him shiver.

"Will you give me tattoos soon?" Frank whispered.

"I will," Gerard answered. He'd been thinking about it constantly, the best ink to use, what wouldn't hurt Frank in the long term. What will look best.

"Good." Gerard thought he detected a smile in Frank's voice.

"Your heart is beating," Frank said after a minute. "That must feel weird. Is it distracting?"

Gerard laughed quietly. "Only when you point it out."

"Sorry." He didn't sound sorry. "Gerard, why do I look like this?"

Gerard stiffened a little. "You already asked –"

"No, no, I know. But – why him? Just because he was the first student at your center?"

Gerard reached over with his free hand until he could grab the simmering smoke off the ashtray on the nightstand. He thought about his answer for a while as he smoked. Frank waited silently. "He didn't look like anybody I'd ever known. I wanted to – I was making something different. I wanted him – you – to be different."

Frank shifted until he was propped up over Gerard, intently watching his face. "I look just like everybody else."

Gerard let the cigarette drop back down into the ashtray and put his hand under Frank's chin. "You look human. But you're different to me. I know you."

"I know you, too," Frank whispered and leaned in until their mouths touched.


"What do you dream about?" Frank asked him, hours later. "You always look so serious when you sleep."

Gerard rubbed his eyes and frowned. "I think I was dreaming that I was flying, but really, really low. Like I was going to scrape the ground with my toes any second."

"That sounds cool," Frank said, one hand sliding under his cheek like he was a kid.

"Do…do you dream?" Gerard asked, realizing it had never occurred to him that Frank might.

Frank shook his head.

"Do you want to?"

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Okay, EVERYTHING about this is amazing. It's a really moving love story but I just loved how you wove these threads of the sinister Trustees through it and Ray and Gerard's secret conversation reads just like people trying to avoid detection and then Frank and Gerard are just, ugh, amazing.

Frank wanting tattoos is fantastic and Mikey and Alicia's cameos are pitch-perfect and basically, i just loved it, it was fantastic.

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Oh man, thank you so much for ALL of that - worldbuilding isn't something I feel confident about, so I really appreciate that, and that you loved Gerard. ♥

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Robot!Frank wants a PUPPY. the worldbuilding is fabulous, their sex is hot like burning, and Frank's dialogue made me sporfle aloud. oh robot!Frank...I would read a zillion words in this universe, no lie.

this is amazing, and I ♥ your brain.

[identity profile] 2011-11-26 09:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Jaaaaaaaaai, thank you SO MUCH, I am SO SO glad you liked it that much. I ♥ YOU.

[identity profile] 2011-11-20 07:46 pm (UTC)(link)
This was so great. I loved the tenseness of the language - I could really feel Gerard's thought process and internal conflict. Frank's voice was also fantastic. And I was really struck by how well the initial awkwardness of the sex flowed into that incredibly hot anal. Gerard begging for Frank to keep fucking him and then coming dry - unghhhh so hot.

[identity profile] 2011-11-26 09:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh man, thank you SO MUCH - I'm so glad that the language worked for you, and hooray for the sex working, too! YAY! :D
ext_20798: (bandom)

[identity profile] 2011-11-20 08:11 pm (UTC)(link)


I loved this prompt and then I saw you wrote it and my eyes immediately turned heart-shaped.


They have a PUPPY and Gerard is going to give Frank TATTOOS and make sure he dreams of electric sheep or whatever! And it is so weird to fall in love with something you made but Frank made himself, too! EVERYTHING IS PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL AND ILU A LOT, OKAY? OLOT.


[identity profile] 2011-11-26 09:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh GOD, I can't even TELL YOU how happy your comment made me - and HAS been making me. Seriously. Thank you SO MUCH. I'm so glad it didn't disappoint, seriously. THEY ARE TOTALLY ON THE RUN FOR LOVE~ BECAUSE I AM THE MOST RIDICULOUS.

*clutches YOU*

[identity profile] 2011-11-20 08:40 pm (UTC)(link)
I love you so much! I usually hate scifi type fics, but this is just straight up amazing.

[identity profile] 2011-11-26 09:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh, I'm so glad that you liked this! Thank you so, so much! :D

[identity profile] 2011-11-21 12:58 am (UTC)(link)
This was gorgeous! SO well-written and evocative. I really felt for Frank, the dearest droid ever. :)

[identity profile] 2011-11-27 02:02 am (UTC)(link)
Oh man, thank you so much! :D

[identity profile] 2011-11-21 01:10 am (UTC)(link)
Oh man this is so great! I loved Frank's everything... because even robot!Frank loves puppies. Poor Gerard, his conflict over having feelings for his creation, and his anxiety about the "Trustees" was all very well done. And the sex was totally scorching. Thanks for this!

[identity profile] 2011-11-27 02:02 am (UTC)(link)
Awww, yay, thank you so, SO much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :D

[identity profile] 2011-11-21 03:08 am (UTC)(link)
This was really great worldbuilding and I have so many questions and just loved all the little details of the tech and the politics and stuff - really set the scene! I am fascinated! And I really loved Gerard's interactions with Mikey and with Ray, and Frank the robot bookworm! Who wanted a dog! Ahhhhh so adorable. I am trying to PICTURE him with no tattoos in my mind...I am glad Gerard is going to get him tattoos <3333

Really great job bb :DDDDDD

[identity profile] 2011-11-30 05:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh man, thank you SO MUCH! I'm so glad the worldbuilding worked here - that's definitely a weakness of mine, I think, but this was so much fun to write about that I'm glad it was fun to read about, too. And isn't it hard to picture Frank without tattoos?! It freaked me out, ngl! XD

Thank youuuuu!

[identity profile] 2011-11-21 03:56 am (UTC)(link)
You're a fucking genius, my dear. Your world-building is unbelievable, the way you leave a trail of crumbs that shape the time and place. Frank is so fantastic, and Gerard is, just, wow. In my head, Mikey, Alicia, Ray and Mama come join them and they all live happily ever after. Just so you know.

[identity profile] 2011-11-30 05:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh man, thank you SO MUCH, honey. Seriously. I can't tell you how happy your comment made me - and that the worldbuilding worked for you. AHHHH SO HAPPY. And so happy that you liked them as characters here. (And, well, DUH. :D)

[identity profile] 2011-11-21 04:07 am (UTC)(link)

SO MUCH AWESOME. The build up! I can't remember when I've been so tense reading (or watching) anything. Everything about this is amazing and hot and beautiful and gripping and nerve wracking and perfect. <33333

[identity profile] 2011-11-30 06:01 pm (UTC)(link)
Awwww, thank you so much! I'm really happy to hear it made you tense. *g* Seriously, thank you SO MUCH, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :D
isweedan: A happy fic reader hugs an ALOT. "I like this fic alot" (I LIKE THIS FIC ALOT.)

[personal profile] isweedan 2011-11-21 06:23 am (UTC)(link)
Gerard is going to give him DREAMS omggggggggg :'DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

[identity profile] 2011-11-30 06:02 pm (UTC)(link)
Indeed he iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis! :D

[identity profile] 2011-11-21 01:05 pm (UTC)(link)
Heee, this is so great! And this line- "Frank just – beamed at him, letting the slideshow start up again. "I like that kind." He pointed as a particularly butt-faced mutt scrolled past"... made me snort with laughter, because of course Frank would want the ugliest dog, of course he would. And Fraaank, the robot with feelings, ugh, so wonderful. I loved Ray in this too, especially his conversation with Gerard at the end. Thanks for this! :D

[identity profile] 2011-11-30 06:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Yay, thank you SO MUCH! I'm so glad this worked for you, especially Ray and Gerard's conversation at the end. Yay! :D

[identity profile] 2011-11-21 04:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Ooooh. The last section gave me goosebumps.

Such great world building, and I love the slow progression of Frank becoming human. In a lot of ways, it reminded me of Charly in "Flowers for Algernon", only a kind of de-evolution from his perfect android form to the more human one.

Really gorgeous stuff.

[identity profile] 2011-11-30 06:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Ahhhhh, I am so happy to hear that, omg. ;__________;

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU so much!! Seriously, this comment made me ridiculously happy. ♥

[identity profile] 2011-11-21 06:00 pm (UTC)(link)
*flaps hands* OH GODDDD. This whole thing, it was just. It was delightful, and it was so beautifully set, and there were FEELINGS except not feelings but still FEELINGS THEY WERE FEELINGS oh god, where is this comment going. I just absolutely love the way you describe EVERYTHING, especially the sun and the way it illuminated some scenes, and the lights of the city and the windooooows. *________* And Frank, oh god, android!Frank who wanted a PUPPY. *weeps* I JUST. Ahhhh.

Seriously, this was so amazing. <333333

[identity profile] 2011-11-30 06:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh maaaaaaaaaan, thank you SO MUCH for this! I'm so glad the descriptions worked for you, especially the imagery - yay! I had a VERY clear picture of everything as I wrote it, so I'm happy it seems to have come across! And thank youuuuuuuuuuu! ♥

[identity profile] 2011-11-22 02:06 am (UTC)(link)
That was just really amazing..the feeling that Frank felt, and always wanting to learn.

[identity profile] 2011-11-30 06:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Awww, thank you so much! :D

[identity profile] 2011-11-22 05:45 am (UTC)(link)
This fic!!!! I loved it.

Gerard rolled his eyes. "Well, I'm sorry. Let me play around with the settings, I'll rig it up for you, Princess."

"Fuck you, asshole," Frank replied gleefully.

That made me laugh so hard, when Frank replied "gleefully"!! :))

This story was actually beautiful, with all the feeling and the slow realization by Gee, then Ray, Mikey & Alicia that Frank really could 'feel'. All the characterizations were stellar!

Great fic, thank you!!

[identity profile] 2011-11-30 08:31 pm (UTC)(link)
Awwwww, thank you so much! I'm so glad it worked for you! :D

[identity profile] 2011-11-22 05:48 am (UTC)(link)
Well OF COURSE robot!Frank wants a puppy and tattoos and reads all of the books. OF COURSE. :D I love that even as a robot, he's still so FRANK. And Gerard was precious. Also, I love all Mikeys and Alicias and Ray Toros. Great job bb! ♥

[identity profile] 2011-11-30 08:32 pm (UTC)(link)
WELL, OF COURSE HE DOES. Yay, thank you, bb! :D :D :D

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