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mrsronweasley ([personal profile] mrsronweasley) wrote2012-08-27 09:14 am

Fic: "Like The Sky Fell On Me" (Teen Wolf RPS, Hoechlin/O'Brien, 16,220 words, NC-17)

Title: Like the Sky Fell On Me
Fandom: Teen Wolf (RPS)
Pairing: Dylan O'Brien/Tyler Hoechlin
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Hoechlin was already shirtless when Dylan got there. Of course. (16,200 words)
Warnings: None (just some underage drinking/recreational drug use/pot logic)
Notes: I am basically Spuzz's bitch, so I wrote this largely for her. Because she is the worst, obviously.

With huge thanks to her for the read-throughs and a lot of cheerleading, to Theopteryx for the encouragement, and to Brooklinegirl for the incredibly quick beta, encouragement, and indulging me in my TW obsession. ♥ (Title shamelessly uses The Wanted lyrics AWW YEAH.)

All the remaining mistakes are mine.

Like The Sky Fell On Me (AO3)

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