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Fic Masterlist.

Fic Masterlist: Bandom for now, will expand with time to encompass fandoms past.

Bandom: (My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy)
(in order of posting, newest to oldest)

Frank/Gerard, R
Ten years on, Frank and Gerard return home for Thanksgiving. (Coda to Run)

Frank/Gerard, R
Timestamp to "The Way They Fly".

Variations on a Fugue
Frank/Gerard, NC-17
Frank Iero is a young nobleman currently living with his parents in the Lake District, where he plans on leading a quiet life away from London and its temptations. However, temptation moves into his neighbourhood in the face of one Gerard Way. (Early Edwardian AU; written for [ profile] bandombigbang)

Interview: Gerard Way
Frank/Gerard, PG
Hollywood!AU: Academy Award Nominee, Out Gay Actor Gerard Way opens up in a candid interview about his career, his struggles, and even the love of his life.

Just Add Skirt (And Some Eyeliner Can't Hurt)
Gerard/Lindsey, NC-17
When Lindsey decides to clean out their closets, Gerard gets some ideas. Sexy times ensue. (written for [ profile] bandomreversebb, 6900 words)

By the Book
Frank/Gerard, NC-17
Frank Iero, the new English teacher, starts a teachers' book club. Wackiness (and dubious literary analysis) ensues. (~10,400 words; written for [ profile] no_tags)

The Way They Fly
Frank/Gerard, NC-17
The story of Frank the Robot and the genius who made him. (17,800 words) (written for the [ profile] yobrothatssick challenge, prompt #20)

The Proof Is In Your Moves
girl!Frank/Jamia, NC-17
Jamia decides to strip for Frankie. That's it. That's the entire plot. (high school AU, 5400 words)

Becoming Joan, co-written with [ profile] theopteryx
Frank/Gerard, NC-17
The only sound in the dressing room was Frank's breathing and the gentle shhhk as she pulled a lace tighter.

"There we go," she said, stepping back. "Yes?" she asked, when he was still silent.

"Yes," Frank said, still watching himself in the mirror. Yes.
(~36,000 words)

Life As a Symptom
Frank/Gerard, NC-17
Office AU. (Written for [ profile] no_tags (posted here); ~11,000 words)

Frank/Gerard, NC-17
Being a secret teenage werewolf is hard. Frank should know. He is one. (written for [ profile] werewolfbigbang; 63,000 words)

Both Sides, Now
Frank/Girl!Gee, NC-17
Two sides to this picture, but Frank always loves his Gee.

In The Springtime
Frank/Gerard, NC-17
Frank's Big Gay Paris Vacation. (Sequel to Gathered Here to Witness.)

As Of Yet Untitled Kidfic
Frank/Gerard, PG so far
Untitled & unbeta'ed kidfic where Gerard is an art teacher, and Frank has a kid. WIP.

That Sickly Feeling
Frank/Gerard, NC-17
Totally indulgent werewolf-in-heat fic.

Frank/Gerard, PG-13
Frank and Gerard, lost in Moscow. (~1600 words)

Without Knowing How - written with [ profile] ciel_vert
Frank/Jamia/Gerard/Lindsey, NC-17
This should feel like something out of a totally cheesy porno; like, in any scenario where he might have dreamed this up, Frank would have thought it would feel like that, him and Gerard tangled up in the messy sheets on Gerard and Lindsey's bed, fucking each other's wives. But it feels nothing like that.

Double Feature: Damn Close & Don't Google Yourself (Please) – written with [ profile] ciel_vert
Gerard/Frank/Jamia(/Lindsey) & Frank/Gerard/Lindsey(/Jamia), NC-17
More in our OT4 verse – domesticity and porn. As you do.

Frank/Jamia, NC-17
When Jamia first met Frank, he was just another stoner band boy with dreads that smelled like his illegal recreational activities and a Che Guevara t-shirt. (~4400)

Gathered Here to Witness
Frank/Gerard, NC-17
Gerard flies in from France in time for Mikey and Alicia to walk down the aisle, and to meet Frank at smoker's lane. (~13,300 words) (Written and cross-posted at [ profile] no_tags.)

she (within the measure of a day)
Frank/Gerard, NC-17
Gerard steps out in heels for Halloween. Everybody enjoys it. Some enjoy it more than others. (college AU; ~8900 words)

Party Games (Eureka!)
Frank/Gerard, R
Gerard has awesome ideas. (~1500 words)

Breakdown on the L.I.E.
Frank/Gerard, R
Frank jerked awake when his dream was interrupted by a squealing banshee, which turned out to be the van grinding and squealing to a halt. (~6500 words)

(Something of an) In Between
Pete/Mikey, Frank/Gerard
Pete doesn't like dick. This is a problem. (10,276 words.)

a kind of savage caring
Frank/Gerard, NC-17
Frank really, really loves dick. (~7600 words, companion piece to (Something of an) In Between.)

This Is All Your Fault - written with [ profile] lordessrenegade
Bob/Brian/Gerard, NC-17
Gerard would totally be their accidental third wheel on some late hotel night.

Untitled Hickey Fic
Pete/Mikey, R
Written for [ profile] pearl_o's Hickey Challenge. (~2000 words)

These Facts Between Us - written with [ profile] aneli8
Bob/Brian, NC-17
Of course, being Brian, it's not like he lets on about any of this. He smokes a lot of cigarettes and drinks maybe more than he should, but it lets him present his "ready and able" face to everyone, and no one really asks any questions.

And then there's Bob.

Frank/Gerard, NC-17
Frank feels like he just fell off the stage, staggered directly from the lights and out into the long hallway backstage, tipping over into the momentary quiet. (1500 words)

Pete/Mikey, PG-13
Pete makes Mikey emote. (Ridiculous.)

Podfic: I love podfic, and would love for people to record my fic! Please ask before recording, just so I know to anticipate it. :D Thank you!

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