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So, okay. Because I - clearly - have no shame at all, I decided that instead of doing a bazillion things I have to do before Sam got here, I would, instead, wait for him while watching yet another UNAIRED PILOT starring Joe "It's a Damn Good Thing I'm This Pretty" Flanigan called "Gramercy Park 111". Let me tell you about it, while I hide behind my hand, shamefaced.

It's about a big rich house in New York City and all its inhabitants. It's got quite the cast of people you've seen ALL OVER THE PLACE (including Urkel, guys - that's right), and it's filled with your usual trite caricature-like characters.

Enter Jack. Jack is married to (fuck I forget her name) and they're both lawyers. He is desperately in love with their newborn baby son, forgetting all about his work in favor of acting like a father, while his wife, who never actually wanted a kid in the first place, really wants to get back to work. She couldn't give two craps about their baby, basically.

There is another family with a baby, and both have just hired new nannies - Maddie (hired by JF and wife) and Bryn (one of the "Sweet Valley High" twins and YOU THINK I'M KIDDING). Maddie is nice. The other one has Evil on her mind. In any case, so, we see all these people playing with babies, right?

And only one person in the entire cast seems to know how to actually handle a baby. Guess who.

The Flan and his amazing supah-daddy powahz. )

Send help. NOWPLZ.


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