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BBB 2012: Art Post

Variations on a Fugue: FAN ART

Frank by [ profile] theopteryx:

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh my holy motherfucking GOD. LOOK AT THIS. When I got it, I basically wet myself. SORRY, BUT IT'S TRUE. Look at how GORGEOUS this is. I've had it as my phone background since the minute I got it, and I just - I cannot stop staring.

It makes me think of the moment when Frank plays the piano with Gerard and then rides home, conflicted and in love and just - look at the COLORS of this, and the way Gerard's house stands out behind Frank, like a rising sun, and Frank's scared expression and his young FACE, and SWEET PEA. Look at how gorgeous she is, carrying him. He's trying to get away from his own fears and Gerard but can't, and LOOK AT HIS HAAAAIR AND FAAAAAAAAAACE AND SWEET PEA'S TAIL AND JUST. How beautiful is this? HOW BEAUTIFUL IS IT?

*flappy hands of GLEEEEE*

I cannot believe I got this lucky. THANK YOUUUUUU, [ profile] theopteryx! ♥

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