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"Run" - Frank/Gerard, My Chemical Romance (bandom), NC-17 - ART POST

Art by [ profile] kidsxheroes!

Please note: this piece contains a major plot spoiler for the fic!


Gerard's voice pitches high. "You're keeping wolves in the basement? Why?"

Frank's thoughts come to a crashing halt. Wait.
What? "What?" He lifts his head up automatically, and in the dark he can make out Gerard's huge eyes boring into his.

OMG! This piece!! [ profile] kidsxheroes chose a really key scene to illustrate, which I looooooove. It's such a huge moment for Frank, and I'm THRILLED she was inspired by it. ♥

I love her Frank and Gerard here, facing each other, with Frank not quite at the point where he realizes WHAT is happening, and Gerard just STARING at him, because WTF. I love their crazy hair and stripey hoodies, because of course. I also love how the red of Gerard's shirt draws the eye and really centers the scene on him and his many ~~~feelings. Just. Gorgeous. &BOYS;

I am SO THRILLED to have received this piece, omg! THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH, [ profile] kidsxheroes! *squeals* ♥♥♥

Remember to leave the artist feedback! :)

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