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Fic Masterlist: Bandom for now, will expand with time to encompass fandoms past.

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Oh hey, remember those timestamps? I BARELY DO. I started this one a while ago, and decided to try writing it again tonight, and finished it! Soooooooooo here it is!

timestamp to The Way They Fly
2000 words, R

(Thank you to [ profile] brooklinegirl for the instant (and live-action!) beta. ♥)

Gerard noticed that his hand was still poised over the tablet )
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Title: "By the Book"
Author: [ profile] mrsronweasley
Pairing/Rating: Frank/Gerard, NC-17
Warnings: None.
Summary: Frank Iero, the new English teacher, starts a teachers' book club. Wackiness (and dubious literary analysis) ensues. (~10,400 words)
Notes: Written for [ profile] no_tags. With enormous, GIANT thanks to [ profile] brooklinegirl and [ profile] mistresscurvy for their patient beta work and endless (and invaluable) cheerleading. ♥

(Also over at AO3, here.)

By the Book )
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Title: "The Way They Fly"
Author: [ profile] mrsronweasley
Prompt #: 20
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Rating: NC-17
Summary: (Prompt) Frank is a robot. He is in love with his genius creator, Gerard, who doesn't realize that Frank is capable of real feelings. Frank starts breaking down, getting ill, and Gerard doesn't know what to do to fix it - all his methods are completely useless, none of the programming explains why this is happening to his Frank - but it's because Frank has a broken heart. :( (17,800 words)
Warnings: none
Notes: With huge thanks to the prompter for the ~inspiration, first of all (ILUUUUUU), and more huge, ENORMOUS thanks to both [ profile] brooklinegirl & [ profile] mistresscurvy for cheerleading like crazy and betaing the crap out of this fic. I definitely wouldn't have been able to do this without them. ♥

Also, thank you to my FAVORITE MODS, and also everybody who has participated in the [ profile] yobrothatssick challenge. You guys are AMAZING.

The Way They Fly )

Part II
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Title: "The Proof Is In Your Moves"
Fandom: MCR
Warning/Rating: No redeeming qualities/NC-17
Word Count: ~5430 words
Summary: Jamia decides to strip for Frankie. That's it. That's the entire plot. (High school, always a girl!Frank AU)
Notes: With huge thanks to [ profile] brooklinegirl who beta’ed this at lightning speed, and also egged me on. This was started a VERY long time ago, with the blessings of [ profile] shiningartifact & [ profile] swiiftly, who allowed me to play in their sandbox, because this fic comes from their girl!Frank/Jamia 'verse, which is SO FUN AND AWESOME, and you can find it here. The plot comes from this quote, which I couldn’t stop thinking about:

…except for maybe the first time that Jamia did that striptease for her that one night - that still wins…

Ladies, this one's for you. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAYS, MY DEARS. I LOVE YOU. (Title from a Hawksley Workman song.)

The Proof Is In Your Moves )
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Title: Becoming Joan
Authors: [ profile] theopteryx & [ profile] mrsronweasley
Warnings: MELODRAMA, cross-dressing, characters making bad decisions, homophobia-inspired violence, character death (but not really), complete lack of knowledge of actual federal government programs, not!fic
Summary & Notes: At original post!

(Becoming Joan)
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Title: Life As a Symptom
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~11,000
Summary: Office AU.
Notes: Written for [ profile] no_tags 2011. With INCREDIBLE thanks to my two awesome betas, [ profile] brooklinegirl and [ profile] shiningartifact for making this WAY better than how they first found it. ♥ (Contains the email addresses that Microsoft Word decided to get rid of in the first draft. :/ Awesome. :/)

I think it's broken. )
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Shocking no one, I wrote Life As a Symptom, the Frank/Gerard office AU.

Oh, man, I struggled this year. I guess my mojo's just not fully back, because I started two separate attempts in a totally different setting (well, both attempts were in the same setting, just different POVs.) And I LIKED that setting, but it seemed to be building up to something I couldn't write in a week, a part of a much longer and more involved story. And it felt like the setting was over-taking the characters, so I got rid of it entirely.

(I had those attempts saved as "no tags" and "other no tags", so when I started the third (the current fic) I didn't call it ANYTHING. AT ALL. It was called "I think it" up until I posted it. BECAUSE WHAT IF THAT DIDN'T PAN OUT, EITHER. DDDD:)

So, like, I started writing the third attempt, and that's when it CLICKED. I basically wound up giving Gerard my writer's block, and somehow that worked for me. SORRY, GERARD. (I also gave him my first job. Again - SORRY, GERARD.) BUT I also gave him a Frank, so he shouldn't really be complaining at this point.

IDK, it's definitely not the greatest and not my favorite thing I've written, but it WAS fun, and I wrote a whole FIC, and I feel pretty good about that. (Also, this really proves that I have become incapable of writing ANYTHING under 10,000 words at this point. This is kind of a problem. D:) The part I struggled with the most is not making it read like wedding fic set into a different world. Iiiiiit's basically the same set-up, when you think about it. They just had less sex in this one, and there was no wedding. But there was a Gabe. *hands*

But I'm thrilled that people seem to have enjoyed it! This is very exciting! I really felt, for a while, that I was sending a dud out into the world. So, thank you for making me feel better. :D

So, in the interest of full disclosure, here are the two discarded drafts for your dubious pleasure. Hint: this would have given me away EVEN MORE THAN THE FINAL PRODUCT.

The office setting here is: academia. *jazz hands*

Draft 1: )

Draft 2: )

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Title: "Run"
Fandom: My Chemical Romance
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Word Count: ~63,200
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None
Summary: Being a secret teenage werewolf is hard. Frank should know. He is one. (written for [ profile] werewolfbigbang)
Notes: I have no idea how I could have ever done this without three special ladies. Oh my God, where to even START? *flaps hands* This monster required a LOT of hand-holding, and I had the best cheerleaders and betas in the WORLD.

[ profile] brooklinegirl encouraged this thing from the very start, even though werewolves were SO not her thing, and she not only kept me from quitting, time and time (and time) again, but also let me be crazy at her IRL, FOR MONTHS ON END, betaed the shit out of it more than once (and nearly made me weep in the process), and poured an incredible amount of love and was support into it right up until the end. She is forever my favorite. Thank you so so much, baby. ♥

[ profile] philosiraptors was SUCH a rock star, omg, I can’t even begin to describe it. She helped plot this monster out from the very very start, she carried me through a lot of crazy over the course of writing it, was a HUGE help with, basically, every aspect of this fic. Like. Amazingly so. She was also an incredible cheerleader throughout and gave me the funniest (and wonderful) beta notes in existence. Everybody should have a B-Rex. ♥

Finally, [ profile] shiningartifact was the absolute BEST, most sweetest cheerleader a girl could ask for. Even getting this thing in chunks, she believed in it the entire time and wouldn’t let me quit, even when I was a horrible whiny mess all over her. Her support has meant the world to me, and I could NOT have done this without her. ♥

ALSO, a HUGE thank you for all the [ profile] werewolfbigbang mods for the incredible job they did, and being SO supportive throughout! You guys are my favorite. ♥

Any remaining mistakes are purely of my own making.

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII | Part VIII | Epilogue

Art Post by [ profile] kidsxheroes (Note: contains major fic spoiler!)
Mix Post by[ profile] maryangel200
Bonus Art Post! by [ profile] theopteryx
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Art by [ profile] kidsxheroes!

Please note: this piece contains a major plot spoiler for the fic!

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