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Title: "Sun Spots"
Fandom: "Hard Core Logo"
Rating: R, language, anatomy
Word count: 1310
Notes: With huge, huge, unbelievable amounts of thanks to [ profile] brooklinegirl for taking a look at this and giving way more attention than it deserved. Seriously. You rock. (This is what I'm doing instead of writing for [ profile] rayk97s? I know, I know! I'm on it! Really...)

Joe presented Billy his ring with a grin and a joint. )
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Hey, remember those drabbles from three days ago? (Probably not.) I had half of them done, and now I got the other half done, so here you go, anyway.

Note: Apparently, I can't do short drabbles. I can't. I fail at it. You get...ficlet-drabblets. Or...something...

For [ profile] spin1978:

House looked at the three pictures of his new underlings. )

For [ profile] katrin:
How about Fraser being pissed off at Ray?

'Fraser.' )

For [ profile] scriggle:

Ray watched as Fraser began climbing the ropes behind the stage drapes. )

For [ profile] soupytwist:

Ray hated pictures. )

For [ profile] hellboredoll:

All right, I gotta tell you, I can't do RPS/RPF. Can't do it. So, I made them into Joe and Billy. I'm sorry. But...have some Joe and Billy?.. *bats eyelashes*


God, Joe was a *dick*. )

All right. Here they be. [ profile] lilac_one, I hope it's all right that you don't get a drabble, because, technically, with the smut fic... *g* That was your prompt.


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