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I finally, after two months, updated Bread & Jam. I feel a lot better. I don't usually take this long, but...well, I did. But it's updated now! I hope. Unless I forgot something?..*

(And I keep meaning to change the "Drabbles" part to "Ficlets" but I need a new banner. Which. I didn't make. But, eventually, that'll change. Because, really? They are not drabbles. Only if you squint so hard, you go blind.)

But, update!

Okay, back to doing nothing again. :D

*Ha. I just remembered that I wrote that SGA thing. I. I'm not sure that should go up there. Something to think about.


Sep. 24th, 2006 02:30 pm
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Bed-ridden = coding.

I updated my website with "Practical Diplomacy". I'm working on adding all the "Five Things" drabbles I did a while back, as well as the boot-porn and...

I have a question. When a drabble becomes 1400 words, is it still technically a drabble? Or does it travel over to the "fic" pile? Because I'm not sure where this should end up. Um. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

In other news, it's 80 degrees out and it's nearly October. Anybody else find that wrong?
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Randomly: updated my site with a Harry Potter fic I forgot all about, because it wasn't one of the files Moa had sent me off the Kingdom. at my sheet...

It was written for the First Wave of the Remus/Sirius Fuh-Q-Fest.

I think now I have all the stories that I wanted up on my site. I think. Yeah. Cool.

Sleep now.
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Because HTML is tedious, yet consuming work, I opted to update my website.

Bread & Jam: new and improved!

Well, not really. But I finally figured out how to make the text have margins - hallelujah! it was bothering me - and I've added my newest fics, written for [ profile] midsummer2006: 'Mint, Part Deux: Beer', and 'Shallow Waters'.

You can find all the updates in the Updates Section, conveniently enough.

Coming soon: RECS! Recs, everywhere.

And, again: if something is hinky or not quite right, please let me know! I'm just an apprentice at this whole html thing.

Now to the cleaning.


Aug. 6th, 2006 11:31 am
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Okay, so I could wait like a big girl until it is all completely done, but I am such a child when it comes to these things, I'm not waiting.

Look, mommy, I have a website!

Thanks to (very very very patient and helpful and wonderful and stuff) [ profile] mayatawi, I've got myself a pretty website. I'm still in process of uploding the rest of the drabbles, but check this out:

All my Harry Potter stuff is back online! There it all is. Wow. I haven't totally gone through it all to see if it makes me cringe (and there are still some Swedish characters in the text, haha, Bum), but seriously, this is so weird. I mean, some of that stuff goes back to 2002. Shit, yo! I'm so happy to have it back, though. I was feeling rather bereft with it gone. I didn't even have any of them on my computer.

All my DS stuff is up, too. W00t.

And other fandoms.

And drabbles.

And the 'Other Dealings' will be up shortly, as well, hopefully, early this week sometime. It will be fun. Recs and links and pretty people. Yep. Fun.

And the title...this is kind of funny.

So, we're sitting on [ profile] mayatawi's couch with her computer on our laps, and I go:

"Dude, what should I call it?"

"I dunno," R. answers helpfully.

"Umm... Uhh..." I'm looking around the room, thinking, 'God, what is slash like to me? Maybe that'll help?' And the first thing that pops into my head is, 'Slash is like mother's milk to me!' I crack up.

R. looks at me sideways. "What?"

"I... I... Mother's Milk! Ahahahahaha!"

"" She can be very firm, you see.

"I know! I know. Okay. Umm... What do I like?" My eyes fall on the coffee table, where the bread and jam that I had bought before coming to her place are all laid out. "Oh! Bread and jam!"

I'm special, right?

So, yeah. Yay! Now to clean and then to write. Although first, I should probably get dressed, right? Just a thought...

ETA: oh, and yes. If you guys see any mistakes or any inconsistencies...let me know? And just generally, give me feedback on it. I haven't done this in a while. If I'm missing any explanations, or anything like that...let me know! This is a work in progress. Thaaank you.


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