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So, I was thinking more about fanfic, in general, and due South and "Harry Potter" in particular, and here's what I came up with. And because I prefer torture as method of communication with others, you all get to hear it.

Over-thinking with spoilers for 'due South' and 'Harry Potter'... )

Deep thought of the day. I'll go and write other "deep thoughts". Because work is slooooooooowwww... and it is gooooooooood...
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Once again, I have proven to myself that I cannot take Ray/Ray. It was obvious from the start, but I thought I'd test my own limits again. They do not stretch that far. Even with fics by writers I love and admire, I cannot do it. It feels wrong. All of me is protesting with "but... but... FRASER! Ray and Fraser! OTP!! Mommy!!" Also, the ending of "Call of the Wild." I am a canon whore, and RayV ends up straight and in Florida. And Kowalski gets bent on Fraser. Tralalalalalalalalalalala....
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On a totally different topic, here's something fun:

Six clips from the third season of Due South. They're very short, but they're really kind of classic. So, if any of you are curious (and, Vonnie, I am looking at YOU, while I try to work out the rest of this ;)), take a look! They're fun. Some are kind of priceless.

Sam, this morning on the phone: "It occurs to me that there must be quite a bit of slash fanfiction about Ray and Fraser."



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