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So, hey, look at that - I wrote more for the Porn Battle.

And it's - hey, check that out - due South!

"Direction" (F/K, natch, and explicit, '

And no, I didn't actually write it at 5 in the morning. Written last night, tweaked this morning. Because, for some reason, I woke up 15 minutes before my alarm. 5:15, how are ye.

*scampers off*
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Hey, remember those drabbles from three days ago? (Probably not.) I had half of them done, and now I got the other half done, so here you go, anyway.

Note: Apparently, I can't do short drabbles. I can't. I fail at it. You get...ficlet-drabblets. Or...something...

For [ profile] spin1978:

House looked at the three pictures of his new underlings. )

For [ profile] katrin:
How about Fraser being pissed off at Ray?

'Fraser.' )

For [ profile] scriggle:

Ray watched as Fraser began climbing the ropes behind the stage drapes. )

For [ profile] soupytwist:

Ray hated pictures. )

For [ profile] hellboredoll:

All right, I gotta tell you, I can't do RPS/RPF. Can't do it. So, I made them into Joe and Billy. I'm sorry. But...have some Joe and Billy?.. *bats eyelashes*


God, Joe was a *dick*. )

All right. Here they be. [ profile] lilac_one, I hope it's all right that you don't get a drabble, because, technically, with the smut fic... *g* That was your prompt.
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So, I met up with my friend Dan for tea last night, and he finally gave me that Christmas present he's been promising. It turned out to be "Saint Morrissey", which I am very excited about now. Anybody read it? Thoughts?

First thing I saw as I opened it was a picture, with a quote at the bottom:

"Sex is a waste of batteries."

And I burst out laughing. Then, I made a battery-as-a-butt-plug joke in front of Bigtime, and laughed so hard, he thought I was drunk (and complimented me on being a happy drunk, as opposed to everybody else, who's a depressing drunk.) But I wasn't drunk. I was just kind of happy. *headdesk* And then Anna and I sat in Tealuxe and I drew all over her hand. Man, drawing on skin is FUN! Also, I realized that I hadn't drawn on ANYTHING in ages, and it felt so damn good. I just went to town. It was awesome. I also drew an informative sketch of Ray and Fraser fucking but that wasn't on Anna's hand.

It's Friday. Do you know what this means? THE WEEKEND. This work week was four days long, but felt insufferably long. But it's over.

It's also the day that [ profile] mayatawi gets back to Boston for the foreseeable future, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! A celebration is totally in order. Boston has missed her very badly. It sniffs with the absence.

Man. That's all I have to say. Man. Because I think I'm kind of really happy for a change. For a day, at least. Heh. Yay.
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Ok. So, sometimes you see something that makes you SO HAPPY because it is SO FUNNY, you feel the need to share. Ok, I do. I feel like sharing the funny. Yesterday, I discovered an icon that I couldn't stop laughing at for HOURS, like HOURS. I haven't had that happen with an icon since the classic (and I wish, I WISH I knew whose it was) icon that simply said:

"Dear Remus,


Love, Sirius."

That shit amused me for days.

So, I saw a few more that made me laugh outloud, and thought I'd do a whole 'let's share the laughs' post, because...I like sharing? My mommy taught me that.

Iconses! )

Ok, and now for something completely different. [ profile] shiroi_chi! Remember how I promised The Horrible Dog Puppet Interview with Richey and Nicky?

Here it is, and more: )

The scene:

Last night, at Anna's. She's bodily preventing me from leaving as we're lying on her bed and making like a fanfic only without the sex:

Anna (watching my neck while I'm cracking up): "Ohhh! Vein!"
Me (still cracking up): "Yes?"
Anna: "I think I found my new favorite body part on you." *gives me a hickey*

No, seriously? If we were a fanfic... (Or, if I had Callum's hands. Apparently, that would make all the difference. Then again, I can't really blame her.)


...and now, they're playing that "Listen to Your Heart" song. Clearly, this is not my day for music. Del, I know it's your doing. I know it.
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So, I was thinking more about fanfic, in general, and due South and "Harry Potter" in particular, and here's what I came up with. And because I prefer torture as method of communication with others, you all get to hear it.

Over-thinking with spoilers for 'due South' and 'Harry Potter'... )

Deep thought of the day. I'll go and write other "deep thoughts". Because work is slooooooooowwww... and it is gooooooooood...
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Once again, I have proven to myself that I cannot take Ray/Ray. It was obvious from the start, but I thought I'd test my own limits again. They do not stretch that far. Even with fics by writers I love and admire, I cannot do it. It feels wrong. All of me is protesting with "but... but... FRASER! Ray and Fraser! OTP!! Mommy!!" Also, the ending of "Call of the Wild." I am a canon whore, and RayV ends up straight and in Florida. And Kowalski gets bent on Fraser. Tralalalalalalalalalalala....
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On a totally different topic, here's something fun:

Six clips from the third season of Due South. They're very short, but they're really kind of classic. So, if any of you are curious (and, Vonnie, I am looking at YOU, while I try to work out the rest of this ;)), take a look! They're fun. Some are kind of priceless.

Sam, this morning on the phone: "It occurs to me that there must be quite a bit of slash fanfiction about Ray and Fraser."



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