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Title: Cue
Fandom: due South
Pairing: F/K
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Well, I imagine we can come up with other forms of communication. They may not be as immediate as speech, of course, but it may be helpful to us, as well, in the long run.
Notes: Written for [ profile] qe2, for her prompt RayK - verbal, hyperkinetic, run-at-the-mouth RayK - has nonpainful laryngitis. What might Fraser do to his partner to get him to make noise? Apparently, it was...inspiring. (Also, plz note the "clever" title, [ profile] qe2. Just for you. *beams*) (~3000 words)

With huge thanks to [ profile] brooklinegirl for the speediest beta in existence! ♥

Cue )
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It's good to know that only a smallish handful of you think I'm whacked. \o/

So, okay, results of the poll?

First, [ profile] lamardeuse totally wins with her (horrific and terrifying) advice of "BREED HEAVILY AND OFTEN", which I will, despite the funny, choose to totally and completely ignore.

Runners up are all of you who wanted PORN as the cure. Especially [ profile] brooklinegirl, who advised with "dirty, dirty porn. With rimming. and sex toys. Dildos, perhaps." It's the "Dildos, perhaps" that really makes that classy and couth.

Alternately, y'all said "MORE KIDFIC, DUH!" which is a totally valid lifestyle choice.

So I totally opened up my unfinished kidfic AU and I am staring at it, and it is staring at me back very defiantly. It's telling me, "YOU got yourself into this PLOT business, YOU dig yourself out", and I'm trying to tell it that just because I thought that AU Ray and Fraser couldn't start fucking as soon as they met when I started writing it, didn't mean it had to be this way NOW, when it actually so totally does, and hence the staring contest. It's 33 pages long and it's only the beginning.


But I really, really want to finish it. I just have this plot out. Like, I think I vaguely know what goes where and how and why and, mostly, WHEN, but I have a hard time with putting all these elements together. I'm going to have to give it to someone to just, honestly, poke holes in the plot, because I'm sure there will be many opportunities.

But, you know that thing where we post bits of WIPs? The first one is more of the kidfic AU, the last two are my SGA fics that I'm not actually sure I'll finish. I go back and forth on them, and the second one is causing me actual existential angst, because the canon's moved on, and clearly, I haven't. But, well, here. I dunno. I might finish Siberia, 'cause it brings me joy. And I'm definitely going to work more on the due South AU, because - ditto. The last one, though...well, that one might just stay on my hard drive and wither.

Kid!fic )

Rodney in Siberia. )

As of yet unnamed and unfinished John/Rodney epic. )

So, yeah. There's that. And I've been getting more and more back into Ray and Fraser. Because, really, I'm just not done with them yet. I was afraid I was, but apparently, I was wrong. And that kind of makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside, and whatnot.
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Title: "This Was Fraser"
Author: [ profile] mrsronweasley
Fandom: due South
Pairing: F/K
Rating: NC-17
Author's Notes: With many sparkly and shiny thanks to [ profile] strangecobwebs for doing the lightning-speed beta on this. You're a star, babe! This thing got away from me a bit? And turned, it's 4400 words long. Hi, I like Ray/Fraser?..

Dedicated to [ profile] brooklinegirl.

OMG, I wrote my first genderfuck. Lines, WHAT lines?

"This Was Fraser"

Well, that an evening productively spent.
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Title: "...and this is what it's for."
Fandom: due South
Pairing: F/K
Notes: A while back, I wrote a kid!fic drabble for [ profile] katrin. I then got stuck on this little world, and the other night, sat down and wrote more. With endless thanks to [ profile] brooklinegirl for her wonderfully encouraging beta.
Summary: Just a moment in time. (1500 words)

... )
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So, they say today is about romance. I say, today should be about all kinds of love, and today, I am sending my love to [ profile] aneli8, who asked me a few weeks ago:

"Write me porn for my birthday?"
"Your birthday's in August."
"We just had Christmas."
"Write me porn for Valentine's Day, woman."

I wrote her porn for Valentine's Day.

Title: "In Which Ray Should Thank Frannie, But Never Does"
Fandom: due South
Pairing: F/K
Rating: Sex
Length: 3900 words
Author's Notes: with huge thanks to [ profile] bohemian__storm and [ profile] shihadchick for the lightning speed betas. You ladies RULE. This is just a bit of fun on Valentine's Day. The title comes from the fact that I really suck at titles. ETA: Forgot to mention that this is also kind of in response to [ profile] lilac_one's drabble request: "Ray's t-shirt covered belly. And Fraser." Well, I may have overdone it a bit...

To my dearest Anna, without whom my life would sucketh too muchly to contemplate, I give my words of dirty, and hope that today finds her in higher spirits (and closer to returning to her Computer of Own, my poor dear).

I love you.

In Which Ray Should Thank Frannie, But Never Does. )


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