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More drabble. For [ profile] lilac_one, who wanted five years after "La Danza Mas Antigua", aka, Mexican Salsa Fucking.

'The New Dance' )

More later. :)
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So, I have written two drabbles. [ profile] lilac_one and [ profile] nos4a2no9, yours will be ready soon. :D

Also, apparently, by a hundred words, I meant, like, 600-1000. Ooops? I really fail at being brief.

For [ profile] bathsweaver, who wanted a year or so after Practical Diplomacy, Vecchio and Fraser talking about Kowalski.

'The Best Defense' )

For [ profile] pearl_o, who asked for approximately six months after "A Funny Thing Happened...". (By the way, I never actually made it explicit, but this fic is a pre-cursor to the events of "...and this is what it's for...", as well as "(This Must Be) The Place". And, basically, that whole universe...)

'On the House' )
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So, you've all seen this picture of Steve McQueen that [ profile] brooklinegirl posted, right? Well, I've had this...scenario in my head for weeks now, and I finally let it all out on paper, as it were.

It's Ray's Birthday and Fraser buys him the perfect gift. )
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Written for my Wifey. Never thought I'd write "S&A", but hey - there are worse things to be doing at 3pm at work, right?

Oliver had found life to be lonely. )

More drabbles to come.


Feb. 2nd, 2006 12:57 pm
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Forgive me. They are up. Some of them are TOTAL CRACK, but it's your faults for the pictures you chose. :P This was way more fun than it should have been. And remember - crack.

For [ profile] maryavatar:

Fraser froze... )

* * * *

For [ profile] pearl_o:

Ray had asked for it. )

* * * *

For [ profile] rhythmsextion:

They were fully clothed... )

* * * *

For [ profile] wild_boys:

'Uh, Capt'n?' )

* * * *

For [ profile] cabari:

When Sailor Tight-Pants met Mister Skull-On-Leather-Jacket, he knew he had to have him. )

* * * *

For [ profile] soupytwist:

Yeah, Ray was never going to figure Fraser out completely... )

* * * *

For [ profile] scriggle:

(I've only seen the movie once, so...this may not be totally accurate. *g*)

Well. He sure ain't never been *lassoed* before. )

[ profile] spin1978! I had NO IDEA what to write! I was all...trying and starting and none of it worked at all, and I'm sorry. *hangs head*

[ profile] spacedye_vest - I never figured out if it was a prompt or not, so I'll just wait and see for you tell me whether or not it was one. I is dumb. :P
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Because this morning is so infinitely better than yesterday's (it's 8:19 and I'm done with the bulk of my morning work, while my deadlines are 9 and 9:30), so I am asking you to...

Prompt me with a picture, or an icon - mine, yours, whoever else's - and I will write a drabble. Because I feel like writing drabbles. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen, and today is apparently, that day.

Also, random James Dean Bradfield love: )

Also, doesn't anybody else do this? In WW, when Sandra asks Duck to give her abs a feel, and he says, "oh, I can't, my hands are all..." Doesn't anybody add 'gay' to the end of the sentence? It's so much fun.


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