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Jan. 30th, 2007 09:21 am
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I was asleep by 8pm last night. I kind of win.

I was exhausted when I got home yesterday, and kept getting more and more tired as time went on. By 7, I was ready to sleep. By 8, I was dead to the world. It was awesome.

Because, see, work doesn't have much to do, but it's still exhausting, because at any random time, there's something going wrong, or people being pissy, and the morale in this group - for reasons that might be explored at a later juncture - is at an all-time low. People are bitching, people are gnashing teeth, and people are planning to leave, myself included. It's all just ridiculous.

So, not to dwell on the bad stuff, I will ask you all questions! So you can, uh, entertain me? *looks extra-inviting*

See, I was thinking about this yesterday (in my half-asleep mode) - in various fandom, I will inevitably have pairings that I love and will never let go of, and pairings that wig me the fuck out, as well as pairings that I'm okay with, on a short-term basis.

For instance!

Harry Potter - Remus/Sirius, all the way, forever and ever, arooo. Right? While Remus/Tonks makes me look for the next available bucket, for many, MANY reasons. While other R/S shippers are semi-okay with that outcome, I am so totally very much NOT OKAY WITH IT. So, there is that for HP.

due South - RayK/Fraser. ♥ Ray/Ray wigs me out (it's a personal thing), while I can sort of almost maybe? do F/V/K. Sometimes. When I'm, you know, relaxed, or something. Easily pliable. Maybe slightly intoxicated. I can read well-written F/V and enjoy it, even, knowing the rest of the series is out there on the horizon. Is that mean? I dunno. But yeah. I really like Vecchio, I do! I just. You know. KOWALSKI. So.

Now, take SGA - John/Rodney's my default. I like it. It interests me. They're cute and funny and the whole flyboy/geek thing really, uh, butters my muffin. The Hateful Ship of Doom is Sheppard/Weir, because no. Just no. I mean, when a ship can be called "Jizabeth Schweir", you know you have problems. It's boring, it's predictable, they have no chemistry and oh, yeah, John's gay. So, no-go on that one. ([ profile] airinshaw, avert your eyes for the rest of this paragraph.) John/Teyla is my ship of hot, as is John/Ronon. 'Cause. HOT. And I realized that I am totally okay with (sometimes) reading Rodney/Teyla, because Rodney getting some from Teyla? Equals HAPPY TIMES in my head. And, finally, I will read OT4 with pleasure. Because it's always an interesting dynamic to me, and as long as everybody gets equal love? I am totally fine with it all. (I don't like people being left out in the cold. It's a thing. I may have issues.)

So. My question is: what about you? Which pairings will never ever leave your heart, even if you may sometimes stray off the beaten path? Which pairings wig you out no matter how hard you try not to let them?

Let's talk love. Because it's Tuesday, and we all need a little love.
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Ahhh, I'm trying to catch up on comments, I am! I'm failing a bit? *flails*

But I wanted to throw this out there, since it's been brewing in my head for a while.


In fandom, I've had two big OTPs, and I think I've been spoiled by them, especially when it comes to Ray/Fraser. Watching SGA has been interesting, because I expected something that I haven't quite gotten (yet), in terms of pairings. More than anything, this show is very gen. Even when they're trying to sex it up a bit, it's still gen. Sheppard/Weir is a non-pairing, because there's no chemistry. In fact, as somebody pointed out, there's more chemistry between Sheppard and that mannequin he was (gayly) leaning on, than there is between Sheppard/anybody. (Although, Ronon has enough chemistry to make up for the entire show. I'm pretty sure he IS the SGA sex drive. He's like the id with dreads, or something.) So it's an interesting exercise in how much you see vs. how much you interpret.

Up until a certain point, I was monofannish to the nth degree. Harry Potter, for years and years. Now, I've become open to a lot more fandoms, but I'm still monofannish in a way where I care only about maybe two at most. So, I'm used to a certain kind of dynamic, a certain...willingness of canon to play up to my sick and twisted fantasies.

Remus and Sirius. )

Ray and Fraser. )

John and Rodney. (Plus some other SGA) )

In conclusion, I want more gay on TV? I need to be more flexible?


(On a totally unrelated note, this morning I was listening to "Million $ Moment" and made a whole SGA vid to it in my head. *claws at brain* Make it stoooooop!)

None of this is meant to offend anyone's fandoms/otp's/anything at all! It's just my rambling on a Friday morning.

ETA: Hey, check out [ profile] soupytwist being really smart!

And, okay. Rodney has never called John "John." *awaits*

Another ETA.

Also, wanted to say that this is all just talk of a new person, and I realize that it may come off sounding like I'm all, "my fandom's better than yours" which is not at ALL what I meant to say, at all. I was just thinking out loud. So, um. Keep that in mind. I think SGA is awesome and fun. *slinks off*


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