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So, I met up with my friend Dan for tea last night, and he finally gave me that Christmas present he's been promising. It turned out to be "Saint Morrissey", which I am very excited about now. Anybody read it? Thoughts?

First thing I saw as I opened it was a picture, with a quote at the bottom:

"Sex is a waste of batteries."

And I burst out laughing. Then, I made a battery-as-a-butt-plug joke in front of Bigtime, and laughed so hard, he thought I was drunk (and complimented me on being a happy drunk, as opposed to everybody else, who's a depressing drunk.) But I wasn't drunk. I was just kind of happy. *headdesk* And then Anna and I sat in Tealuxe and I drew all over her hand. Man, drawing on skin is FUN! Also, I realized that I hadn't drawn on ANYTHING in ages, and it felt so damn good. I just went to town. It was awesome. I also drew an informative sketch of Ray and Fraser fucking but that wasn't on Anna's hand.

It's Friday. Do you know what this means? THE WEEKEND. This work week was four days long, but felt insufferably long. But it's over.

It's also the day that [ profile] mayatawi gets back to Boston for the foreseeable future, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! A celebration is totally in order. Boston has missed her very badly. It sniffs with the absence.

Man. That's all I have to say. Man. Because I think I'm kind of really happy for a change. For a day, at least. Heh. Yay.


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