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Okay. So, [ profile] stereo_m can have my heart and do with it whatever she pleases. Because you know what she did? She ressurected The Howl Kingdom.

That's right. So many, including myself, had sadly given it up for dead, but along came The Magistrate, and Lo! It is BACK!

And it's so PRETTY! And all the fics are on there! And there will hopefully be at least one more author addition. (Bum, I'll email you.) I hadn't read Roche's stuff in ages, and OH! I got lost a bit, after Moa emailed me. I just couldn't help myself. Look at all the pretty! You can even get printable versions of the fics! And change font sizes! And search for authors! And The Bum has great, amazing plans for it, still, and just...

I just...

Moa, I love you. And everybody who helped - my GOD, you people! I just...thank you.

Looking over our little Truths - my, we were cheeky, weren't we? I forgot about how, um, passionately we felt about well-written Remus/Sirius. Ha. *cough*

Yay. (This 'Yay' is supposed to sound subtle and dignified. In reality, it's bursting out as a 'YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!11!!!!' But we'll ignore that for the time being.)

*pets the pretty site with its pretty poem and its pretty, pretty fics*

And, confidentially to The Bum - yes, baby, it is technically your turn now. *g*

In other, less pleasant news, I pulled a muscle in my left butt cheek. Now walking goes something like: *step* *step* OW *step* *step* OW *step* *step* OW, etc, etc.

How in the hell did I just pull ONE side of my ass? One of life's stupid mysteries.


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