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So, it is Monday Tuesday! And I am back at work. This weekend was kind of a godsend. Not going to New York worked out for the best for all involved. My sister had other visitors, AND got to actually go and see Patrick Stewart in "Macbeth" (from the FIRST ROW, guys. FIRST ROW.) And Tracey and I got to relax, catch up on almost ALL of our TV shows, read the bible, and do all kinds of fun (and some not so fun) chores. It. Was. AWESOME.

I already showed you all my closet - which still makes me hugely and ridiculously happy - so now I'm going to wax poetic about various TV/movie shenanigans. Right this way, and spoilers ahoy. I've left space between all these things so you can read/skip them at will...

ReGenesis: Could You TRY To Be More Depressing? OH WAIT FORGET I ASKED. )

SGA: The WTF Edition! News At Eleven. )

Doctor Who: The Best Cleavage In All The Land + Some Gross Stuff. )

Finally, MOVIE: The History Boys, aka Liz Finds Her Heaven. )

Work is currently fine, if slightly stupid (in that way where adults who have worked here for years and years and years have no idea how schedules work and it takes an admin to herd them all to a proper room even though they have - have I mentioned this yet? - done this for years and years and years. For some reason, things still take them by surprise each and every time.) but mostly, it's quiet and a little dull, so: come! Discuss things with me! Tell me your thoughts on all or any of these things!

Also, it's beautiful outside, I had a fun sleepover last night, it's Tuesday, my boss is out, and I've done the most pressing things I had to do today. Yay.


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