Jun. 26th, 2012

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Title: Variations on a Fugue
Author: [personal profile] mrsronweasley
Band(s): My Chemical Romance
Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard
Word Count: ~36,000
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): None
Notes: Oh man. This was the second ever bandom fic I started, and did not finish for years. It lingered at the 3k words mark for years until I decided to finally finish it, because it had been in my brain for so goddamn long. PHEW. DONE. HOORAY. I CAN MOVE ON.

I have SO MANY thanks to give: to [personal profile] mistresscurvy, [personal profile] theopteryx, and [personal profile] shiningartifact for their INCREDIBLE support as I wrote them frantic emails and disjointed bits and was a crazy-eyed maniac at various points in time - a HUGE, HUGE thank you. I love you guys so much. Why do you even put up with me. ♥

To Bexless, for being the bestest Britpick beta, as well as support system, and amazing cheerleader. ILUSFM. ♥

And finally, to [personal profile] brooklinegirl for the most THOROUGH of betas, incredible support, and encouragement - without her, this wouldn't have happened, like, at all. Thank you, my darling lady. You are the best. ♥ (All the remaining mistakes are obviously mine.)

Finally, a big huge THANK YOU to the mods for all their hard work! ♥

Frank Iero is a young nobleman currently living with his parents in the Lake District, where he plans on leading a quiet life away from London and its temptations. However, temptation moves into his neighborhood in the face of one Gerard Way. (Early Edwardian AU.)

Also on: On AO3

Bonus Materials

Frank (non-spoilery) by [personal profile] theopteryx

Mix by [personal profile] viviansface

Variations on a Fugue )


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