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So, Boston has been on many a fangirl's mind lately, primarily due to the impending [ profile] muskratjamboree, and while people were making plans, I discovered that - the HORROR! - quite a few people didn't know all that much about Boston. This is not shocking, since Boston isn't as visible to the world at large as, say, New York or LA. And that is partly why I love it, actually.

Boston's got quite a fascinating history, it's beautiful, and it tends to hide itself well among its fellow American cities. I'm not yet certain as to why, but it's definitely independent and kind of subtle about being really damn cool. I can't explain it. You kind of have to feel it, really.

Boston's a bitch to drive in, if you're a Yankees fan, you better not say so out loud or else, and it's the city of a hundred colleges. It's a pedestrian town where cars have to stop for you and yet they push their luck, a town where r's disappear from where they're supposed to be and reappear in the oddest of places, and it's kind of my new and beloved home.

The story of me coming to love Boston is a long and winding one (I hated it on sight the first time I visited, but only because I was thirteen, on a road trip with my parents, and being the epitome of awkward teenage angst), but the point is, I've lived here on and off for the past six years, and love it with all my heart now. So I want to share it, especially with those of you who have plans on descending upon it come end of March.

And here it is. The link is to a YouTube clip. It's the beginning of a little film called "Boondock Saints" and it has one of my favorite views of Boston ever - it has it all. The action of the movie was filmed entirely in Toronto, but the beginning shots - about 3 minutes into the file - are all pure Boston, set to one of my favorte pieces of music. In fact, whenever I listen to it, I get that special feeling of Boston love. Because...Boston.

And here it is. Feel totally free to skip three minutes into the clip, and stop the clip after the boys enter their loft. (Though I highly. HIGHLY. Recommend the film in its entirety. It's fucking awesome.)

Boston, brought to you by two Irish brothers. (Start at the 3:10 minute mark or so.)

Some notable places you will see. )

Less than TWO MONTHS! Who's excited? I'm excited. :D


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